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Monday, January 10, 2011

***** Miakoda The Power of the Moon by Jon Parker

Reviewed by Stacie Williams - Author of The House With 9 Rooms.

Miakoda The Power of the Moon.  May 4, 2009

It all started on a cold night in January 2001. We had just landed in Anchorage, Alaska. My mother and father got off the plane first, followed by my little sisters, Jennifer and Devon, and then me carrying my 2 ½ month old Malamute puppy. Thus begins this first novel by Jon Parker inspired by his beloved malamute, Nayanna. The narrator is the Parkers’ son Jonathan, who lives on a small ranch with his family. The Parkers live near an Indian man named Blackwolf, who teaches the children about surviving the wild, wolves, and the power of the moon. This inspiring tale describes the true bond between humans and their best friends, our beloved dogs, and an adventure that will never be forgotten.

My Thoughts:
The Power of the Moon was a great read,  though it had a few common errors such as spelling or missing part of words,  it was still a great read.

A story about Indians and their spirits,  which I always find interesting and exciting,  I really enjoyed this book.

Jon Parker is a very brilliant writer and has a way with words.  While reading I was able to picture everything in my mind.  I would recommend this book to anyone that likes stories about Indians, wolves and dogs.  Also being new in a new place and fitting in.

I also believe in some Indian tales,  like about the sprits,  and I think it is cool that he would write about these Indian beliefs.

I give this book ***** (5) Stars.  Stacie Williams,  Reviewer for BK Walker Books.

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved

***** 1% Solution For Work and Life by Tom Connellan

PictureThe 1% Solution For Work and Life by Tom Connellan is by far the best and easiest advice I've come across.  This title is an extremely easy and fast paced read full of tips on how to make your next 30 days the best ever.  We all know that it takes 30 days to develop a habit,  or that we must set goals for ourselves to enrich our lives.  What Connellan explains though is how to reach your goals and improve your life,  whether its relationships,  work or something about yourself,  and reach them in small easy steps. 

Told as a story of someone actually experiencing the 1% life changing solution,  you will find yourself shaking your head yes at how much sense this solution actually makes, from changing your mindset to reaching your biggest goals.

If you're looking for a guide on how to change or improve your life,  look no further because Connellan has brought it all to the table in a simple and easy to follow format.  You won't be disappointed.

**** The Deceived by Sandra K. Marshall

PictureThe Deceived was another great read by Sandra K. Marshall.  She never leaves out the mystery while delivering a suspensful and thrilling read. 

Melanie Dubois despised gambling,  and her family makes their living as owners of The Odyssey Casinos.  When she joins a group that is against gambling, she thinks she has found a new family to help end gambling addiction.

When one member of this group becomes obsessed with her,  her life is in danger and she has no where to turn.  What the group doesn't know is that Al Slavery and the entire anti-gambling group has been under investigation with an undercover FBI Agent inside.  The problem?  Dan can't be everywhere all the time.

When Melanie's family strives to get her home,  Mike Mercer, an employee of the Dubois family, must play nice and get close to her.  What he never expected was to fall in love with this unruly member of the Dubois family.

As the suspense heightens,  so doesn't the story as it unfolds and with some surprising twists.

Marshall did a great job delivering another great mystery.  The only thing I found is at times I wished there had been just a little more detail when it came to he characters,  such as when Melanie and Mike get involved,  it could have been slightly more drawn out so we could get a better feel as to how they develop in their relationship.  Other than that,  this was a fantastic read!

Writing is my second career, as I worked and retired from Trans World Airlines after thirty-six years.  
I have two books, Addiction and The Deceived that are e-published.    Addiction was released in print July 1, 2010 from my publisher, Eirelander Publishing.  The third book, The Deceived, was released as an eBook September 10th.
My stories while suspenseful are written toward the growth and empowerment of women.