Tuesday, December 22, 2009

****1/2 Read & Review of Surviving the '70's in Small-Town USA by Roland and Gwen Higginbotham

Review by BK Walker : Surviving the '70's in Small-Town USA by Roland and Gwen Higginbotham was a great read! If you were from this time era, be prepared to be taken down memory lane.

Robby Hendricks lived in a small town with his family. They were in poverty level and struggled to keep food on the table. The stresses that come with being unable to provide for your family makes home life, at times, unbearable.

Follow Robby through his hardships from an abusive father, trouble in school, to finding love, dealing and using drugs, losses to death, and the road he took to make his way back to a healthier life.

The Higginbotham's did a spectacular job of telling this tale. It was definitely like being taken back in time to what you have already experienced and know to be true of fact.

You will find Robby's life to be very close to many people we know or even ourselves have experienced. It truly is like a flashback. I loved how there were World Happenings listed with each chapter for each year through the '70's. Fantastic! I give this book ****1/2 (4.5) Stars, ~BK Walker, Author/Reviewer for BK Walker Books. http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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