Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poison Reality:A Symphony of Bittersweet by Nedyne Shorts-Nettles ***1/2

"Vierna Bates, a woman scorned, finds herself staying in a hotel the local newspaper labels a rape den.� She decides to stop moaning her pending divorce and venture to go downstairs to the club. As fate would have it something held the elevator door opened. As she got closer, she saw the limbs of a person. This began a kaleidoscope of events.

The woman Vierna helped was an old classmate named Terry Trainer. Terry, a student of Wallerton College, was attending a travel and tourism convention. Terry?s life now presents purpose and she vows to live every day to the fullest. Terry will not rest until she finds her attacker, had her attacker been a friend or foe.

Captain Bill Meays, a handsome investigator, finds himself enthralled in a significant case that involves several women acquaintances. One woman in particular holds the key to solving the puzzle but time is not on his side. This is a spellbinding, heart-stopping saga echoing the poison reality of life. Life isn't always harmonious but it is a symphony of bittersweet."

Review by BK Walker:

Poison Reality by Nedyne Shorts-Nettles was definitely a different kind of book, a flash forward novel. This title has several characters, all of which have some issue with their past and use it as the reason for their behavior they demonstrate today. All the characters eventually tie into one another in some form, while the story leads back and forth between characters. The plot was great with a great concept, but the transitioning was pretty rocky.

Many times while reading this title I found myself lost and having to go back to reread parts to figure out what I missed. There was no indication of a character change which left me confused and going back many times as well. There were some timeline discrepancies and a little more research might have been beneficial.

Aside from that minor detail, it was a good book and how the characters all tied together was excellent. Nedyne Shorts-Nettles had a fantastic idea with her writing, and maybe this book would have benefited more if it were written as one short story leading into another.

Poison Reality:A Symphony of Bittersweet gets ***1/2 (3.5) Stars, BK Walker, reviewer for BK Walker Books. Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".

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