Monday, January 10, 2011

***** Miakoda The Power of the Moon by Jon Parker

Reviewed by Stacie Williams - Author of The House With 9 Rooms.

Miakoda The Power of the Moon.  May 4, 2009

It all started on a cold night in January 2001. We had just landed in Anchorage, Alaska. My mother and father got off the plane first, followed by my little sisters, Jennifer and Devon, and then me carrying my 2 ½ month old Malamute puppy. Thus begins this first novel by Jon Parker inspired by his beloved malamute, Nayanna. The narrator is the Parkers’ son Jonathan, who lives on a small ranch with his family. The Parkers live near an Indian man named Blackwolf, who teaches the children about surviving the wild, wolves, and the power of the moon. This inspiring tale describes the true bond between humans and their best friends, our beloved dogs, and an adventure that will never be forgotten.

My Thoughts:
The Power of the Moon was a great read,  though it had a few common errors such as spelling or missing part of words,  it was still a great read.

A story about Indians and their spirits,  which I always find interesting and exciting,  I really enjoyed this book.

Jon Parker is a very brilliant writer and has a way with words.  While reading I was able to picture everything in my mind.  I would recommend this book to anyone that likes stories about Indians, wolves and dogs.  Also being new in a new place and fitting in.

I also believe in some Indian tales,  like about the sprits,  and I think it is cool that he would write about these Indian beliefs.

I give this book ***** (5) Stars.  Stacie Williams,  Reviewer for BK Walker Books.

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