Wednesday, February 2, 2011

***** The Price by Leon Newton

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The Price by Leon Newton was my first play write and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I must say though that I truly enjoyed this read.

It starts off by telling you about the characters and the sin they committed,  giving you details such as age,  and scene.

A millionaire is cast to hell after his death.  Standing before Satan he demands that the "paperwork" be checked as there must be some sort of mistake that he is in Hell.  Not only is he in Hell,  but it's so hot and he asks Satan to turn on the air conditioning.

The millionaire does not believe in Heaven or Hell,  God or Satan.  He does not understand why he is here and during the play we see the characters try to convince him of his sins and that he is paying the price for them.  He believes he is a good man though,  and just because he is rich shouldn't condemn him to Hell.

Satan laughs when the millionaire continues to ask for air conditioning and paperwork to be checked.  He tries to tell him that there are only two choices on Earth,  God or Satan. 

The millionaire continually states he doesn't believe in God or Satan,  but only in himself.  As new arrivals take their turn in telling of their sins and why they are in Hell,  the millionaire thinks its a bunch of craziness and that they have sinned and are paying the price,  but isn't convinced that his own greed and arrogance was enough to land him in the flaming pits of Hell.

Annie keeps quoting scripture,  Billy cries he was never told about Jesus,  and the Athlete is ready to kick the millionaire's butt for his arrogance.  When Satan has had enough,  he casts them all to burn and the play ends.

I found myself amused and seeing the message as well.  The Price was a fast paced read,  enlightening the fact that we should live right and by God and not for ourselves.  We should give to others freely,  and not only when we are searching for praise.

Price did a fantastic job and I would love to see this in an actual play.  I think it would be fun to watch and even my 11 year old son enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the trailer for this as well and have included it below :).