Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tune In Tuesday

Welcome to my very first Tune In Tuesday.  This is a weekly meme hosted by Ginger over at GReads,  thank you Ginger.   An opportunity to share your love of music,  which I just love and I'm so excited to partake in this feature.

So this week,  in anticipation of Summer,  I'm bringing you Summertime by Janis Joplin.  Janis is my ALL TIME favorite artist,  I just love her bluesy voice,  her lyrics speak to me,  and she was just awesome in her time,  and I guess mine too lol.  I have many of her albums and this is one of my favorite songs too.

Thank you for stopping in during Tune In Tuesday and I hope you will join me next week by linking up and sharing your favorite music.

Until next time,


Lindsay said...

GREAT song! I love me some Janis! New follower =)

Here's my Tune: http://www.violethourbr.com/2011/04/teaser-tune-in-tuesday_12.html

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Blues music is where I live :)