Wednesday, May 18, 2011

4 Cafe' Imperfect by L.E. Harvey

Imperfect by L.E. Harvey puts you right in the center of true love.

Carol and Alexandria met at a dance club after Carol took a night to the town with college roommate Marlene.

Hitting it off immediately,  we watch their relationship grow over the years.  As an interracial gay relationship,  these two face constant trials, but together they come out strong.

Even when Alex's family is unsure of what might become, Carol promises Alex's twin brother she will never hurt her.

When an illness strikes and Carol is not recovering near as quickly as she should,  Alex forces her to see a doctor.  Not wanting to upset her love,  she complies,  only to find out she has contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion she received when she was sick.

Now they must find out if Alex too has contracted this deadly virus.  Through the waiting and the fear,  the results come back.  Guilt ridden,  Byron,  Alex's twin brother blames Carol for Alex being sick and thinks she's broken her promise.

As they work through the news of being sick,  overcoming family disputes,  and now threats against their very being,  Carol and Alex must overcome the worst of all.  They must accept the possibility of death.

Harvey wrote a telling tale of an emotional ride.  Though nobody's life is perfect,  Carol can't help but to feel imperfect.  We watch as this love grows and flourishes even through tough times and you will surely feel the emotion portrayed.


Ann Summerville said...

Not sure if I like the cover. Thanks for the review