Friday, November 25, 2011

Rise and Fall of a Track Star by Omegia Keeys - Review

From Pan Am Game bronze medal winner to All American, Omegia Keeys was once touted in Track Magazine as one destined for greatness, but walked away from it all. Rise and Fall of a Track Star is Omegia’s firsthand account leading her to the breaking point. For years Omegia held on to the shame of a dirty little secret, one too common in the African American Community. 

Through her memoirs Omegia takes you on a journey through her childhood onto her adult years. Her struggles as a teenage mother is only a checkmark on the list of life altering experiences, ones she hopes young girls and woman can learn from. 

Omegia has one goal with her story, to educate, help others, and to release the long carried shame. 

My Review:

Rise and Fall of a Track Star by Omegia Keeys was definitely not what I was expecting. This title will have you feeling so many emotions as you flip through the pages. I give her credit for putting it all out there like she did. 

There were times I was angry at her mother, then at her friends, because really? How could friends do that to you? In the end though, I was left with a strong respect for Omegia and her Mother, feeling sorry for all this woman and child had to endure yet amazed at the strength she portrayed through it all.

If you are not touched by this story, then you are just completely heartless. Instead of her experiences breaking her, she found the strength to survive. Kudos Omegia! There are several messages involved in her story, the one that stands out for me is to never let your dreams die. This is a very fast paced, intriguing story that you will find you can't put it down until you are finished just to see how it all ends. She holds nothing back and I can only imagine how hard it was to write it all down, then bare it for the world to see. I highly recommend Rise and Fall of a Track Star, giving it 5 lattes!

Entrepreneur, Award Winning Author, Publishing Liaison, and Motivational Speaker are just a few of the makings of Omegia Keeys. After serving two terms in the military Omegia went on to apply her strategic planning to the publishing industry for the past five years. She has garnered numerous awards and praise to include theScribe Award for the National Black Book Festival and ranking in the top 100 books of 2010. She is currently on tour promoting her memoir Rise and Fall of a Track Star and finishing up the sequel entitled Single, Black, and Government Owned.

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