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VBT Pit Stop & Interview with David Knight - I Am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart

Welcome to BK Walker Books Etc. I'm so happy you could join me today from your home in the UK

BK: Please tell us a little about yourself...

Hi, my name is David and I’m 47 years of age. I’m married to Caroline and we live with our adopted cats Toby, Treacle, Spiky and Missy in Northamptonshire in the UK. In growing up I could describe myself as a Mr. Average or like a 'Joe Bloggs really. I don’t feel that I have any airs and graces but just want to help people in their lives, especially through Spiritual education and guidance Whilst I have earned a living in various types of work, (this ranged from HM Forces, Financial Services, Care Assistant and self-employment) my search for fulfilment changed from the exterior and without to the interior and within. My hobbies (when time permits) are DIY, renovating, spending time with family and friends and very rarely now…online PS 3 gaming.

BK: Please tell us a little about your book....

I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart is the first part of at least two books to uplift and inspire one’s soul and heart throughout this roller-coaster called life. It’s like having a reference to guide and lean upon in both happy and sad times. If one is not able to connect with their own heart’s center, one of the 52 lessons will surely help and motivate you to overcome the challenges that we all face. Ultimately, it is for leading you on towards the goal of self- realization of one’s own Divinity, recognizing the permanent bliss and peace within.

BK: What inspired you to pen this particular novel?

After books one (Pathway) and the sequel (Deliverance of Love, Light and Truth) which were both ‘Channeled’ books, something bizarre occurred. It felt like an even stronger connection to my heart had enveloped me. I had been instructed by my spirit guides that I would hear and sense the words of God flow in, through and from me. It was at that point I knew I needed to write a new book.

BK: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I guess that was when the first book came to fruition really. It’s interesting though, because from the outside looking in, people often assume that you’re only classed as a writer if you’re being paid for it. Or, if someone writes a Novella then it’s not really classed as a book as such. As with any creative expression you need to have a passion for what you’re doing or else what is being said, painted, built etc will not contain the essence of the true you. I guess it’s for others to judge whether something is worthwhile to them or not. Price / cost shouldn’t really enter into the equation but the materialistic world in which we live in seems to dictate and try to have a hold over us all.

BK: How do you keep your story flowing?

I knew, or rather felt within that there would be 52 lessons to write so I had it quite easy in that respect. I knew at what point the book would end and its actual structure as it were. There aren’t any characters apart from the reader and God…which in fact is one and the same as weird as that may sound! I just wanted to may sure that I didn’t let ‘God’ down in any way, as its difficult sometimes to get that balance of family, work and home responsibilities right in our lives isn’t it?

BK: Do you ever run into writer's block, and if so, what do you do to get past it?

Mmm…I didn’t really have set times to write but almost always knew within when I needed too. It was like a pull of the heart strings. Or, something could happen or I could feel emotions within me from what I see or hear. On occasions when my mind has been a bit turbulent or am very tired then when I have started to write the connection to my heart becomes slightly disturbed. If one is unfocused in any way its like looking through Rose colored glasses…you don’t see the true picture. We need to look through the lens of our heart, mind and soul as one. That way we can look, feel and sense the truth.

BK: What is your writing process like? Do you have any quirks, or must-haves to write?

I guess most writers like peace and quite and I am probably no different. I used to try and set the scene…incense, candles… soft music etc but nowadays nothing can be better than sitting in the garden on a warm day and feeling God’s words flow from within, while seeing / sensing God in nature all around you.

BK: Where do you hope your books/writing will be in the future?

Well, many years ago I had a feeling that Spirit wanted me to write 7 books in my life so this is book 3 and 4 to go! A lot of people feel they need fame and fortune but they are just trinkets that adorn the body within the permanent world. Yes I would like to write full time for a living but that would have to be through God’s will not mine. He knows what we need and when and I am sure he’s fully aware of mine! It would be great to be able to have an income from my books. Ideally I would split it into 3 …one third for charity, one third for continued writing / promotion / marketing and making the books as good as they can be …and the rest for living and bills and for helping family and friends too.

BK: What do you hope readers will take away from your books?

I sincerely hope that they will feel the love that is within and all around them. That they can move forward in their lives with an open heart and make all their dreams come true.

BK: What is one piece of advice you received that you carry with you in your writing?

That the power, love, light and the truth is within everyone single one of us and in all ‘life’.

BK: What is one piece of advice you would give to new and aspiring writers?

Don’t give up on your dreams and goals...for it’s only yourself who can stop you from being who you want to be.

BK: Are you currently working on any new projects? What can we expect from you in the future?

Yes, I am currently working on part 2 of I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart. The lessons are even more amazing (if that is possible) and will make you want to reach beyond the stars from within your heart. Love is simple and everything is simply love too. Tears of joy and hope have flowed while writing it.

BK: Where can readers find you?

The books are on all e-book formats (through and they are available from Amazon on paperback / kindle too. I have my blog/ website which is

I am also on the social networks Twitter@AscensionForYou and

Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me today. It's been a pleasure having you and I wish you much success in the future.

It’s been great. I really appreciate your support and I hope that the readers can connect in some way with the interview today! God Bless to all. Thanks Dave

DAVID KNIGHT was born into his current physical embodiment in 1964. He is married to Caroline and they live with their adopted cats Toby, Treacle, Spiky and Missy in the UK. In growing up he describes himself as a Mr. Average or like a 'Joe Bloggs'. Whilst earning a living in various types of work, (this ranged from HM Forces, Financial Services, a Care Assistant and also self-employment) his search for fulfilment changed from the exterior and without to the interior and within.
Spiritual education gained a greater momentum and at the age of 21 a more urgent sense of dedication as well as a new realization had set in. New evidence of and from God, were soon revealed through his life experiences. With the aid of Spirit guides and beings from the ethereal planes, the foundations were laid for all who wished to develop and experience their Hearts flame of love and light and to embark upon a unique opportunity for all soul's in this lifetime.

I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart is a stepping stone for all who embark upon their own quest for 'Spiritual' education and guidance. So, even if you are comfortable with your own faith and religion, you may have decided to explore new interpretations and such issues on a personal or global scale.
The author David Knight has received and transcribed these passages of text in a process known as 'Inner Dictation'. He describes this as writing from within the connection of his heart where peace, bliss, love and light reign supreme. 
God's wisdom and teachings are laid out before you so you can simply choose and read whenever or whatever your heart needs or desires. They are guidelines, principles and simple directions for you to now dip your toes or dive headfirst into the waters of you're own Divine essence.
These books will form the very threads of life's new tapestry, each being spun into 52 lessons from, to and through our own hearts and soul's. They are like a father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, partner or personal friend who knows you better than you can ever know 'yourself'. 
Part 1 is a companion for life which does not judge, condemn or scold, but hopes to encourage, guide, console, teach and remind you of who and what you are, why you live and for what purpose too!

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