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Interview & #Giveaway with Author Senica Evans - Married To Him

Welcome to BK Walker Books Etc. Senica! We’re so glad you could join us for a chat. Senica is currently on virtual book tour with her book,  Married To Him, at  the Virtual Book Tour Café, and will be offering  you a chance to win a copy of her book at the end of her tour.

Let’s chat!

BK:  Please tell us a little about yourself Senica…
SE:      I’m a mother of 2 precocious boys – 5 and 7. I’m a mompreneur, author, and freelance writer and ghostwriter. I like to say I have a PhD in overcoming destructive relationships… which explains why I decided to write Married to Him.

BK:  Your book is a Memoir, how difficult was it for you to relive those memories as you were writing?
SE:      There were certain parts that stirred up buried emotions. Sometimes I cried and other times I shook my head at myself. As if to say, “how could you let that happen?” But, overall, the process offered a lot of healing. I was able to look at my life through the eyes of someone on the outside – which makes it easier to assist women in similar situations now. I learned a lot through this process and have vowed not make these same mistakes again.

BK:  What made you decide to share your story?
SE:      In the beginning I didn’t want to. As I vented to friends and family, they kept encouraging me to write a book. I started with a blog ( and made several posts about my story. The response was phenomenal. I started receiving emails from women in similar situations who wanted my advice and tips on how to get out. Then I started getting speaking engagements for different women’s groups. People were really receptive of my story, so I decided to forge ahead and write Married to Him.

BK:  What do you hope readers will take away from Married To Him?
SE:      I have two hopes; 1 – women in similar stiuations will realize they are not alone and there is peace and happiness and real love awaiting them after the destruction is over and 2- people whom have never experienced an abusive or destructive relationship can get inside the head of a woman who has been and see we aren’t as ‘stupid’ and ‘naïve’ as some people believe victims of an abusive relationship are. To sum that up, I hope readers are empowered, enlightened, and a little entertained.

BK:  Did you receive any pressure from family or friends about publishing this story?
SE:      A little. My friends pressured – really, hounded - me to get it published.

BK:  As a result of your past, and the things you’ve had to go through, you founded SennySen, plus became a Relationship Coach. Tell us a little about that.
SE:      I’ve always been passionate about helping people. My story has allowed me to help women who have faced similar situations. There is a beaming light at the end of the tunnel and want women to believe and strive for it. As a relationship coach, I have been able to help women realize their greatness and worth in a relationship. I’ve also done a lot of mentoring with teen girls because teen dating violence is a major concern and problem.

BK:   You’ve received some fantastic reviews for your book, have you received fan mail on how your book has helped them in some shape or form?
SE:      Yes, I was actually receiving “fan mail” well before the book was actually published. The blog posts I wrote before the book was published with bits and pieces of my story were getting a lot of attention. That’s really how the relationship coaching started.

BK:  What went through your mind when you became a published author, and received that first book review?
SE:      I was extremely nervous and elated at the same time. After the first book review, I sighed a sigh of relief. It was almost surreal. The first time Married to Him went to #1 in two subcategories on Amazon and was in the top 100 of Kindle books, I was in complete shock. I kept thinking, “There has to be something wrong with Amazon’s system.” But it’s since happened two more times so I guess it’s not a fluke… I guess.

BK:  Are you working on any new projects? What can we expect from Senica Evans in the future?
SE:      Yes, I have two new projects coming soon. Woman Free Yourself is a practical guide helping women overcome destructive relationships to realize their true inner greatness. For NaNoWriMo, I decided to pursue a fiction project titled Bourgeois Diaries, which is about a women’s desire to marry her bourgeois façade with her mediocre life but there’s one problem… she’s already in too far with Jonathan - her successful enterprising boyfriend - who thinks he’s met his equal.

BK:  Any other events or thoughts you’d like to share with readers today?
SE:      I would like to leave you with my favorite quote by Ernest Hemingway, “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.” Find your strength by embracing today and releasing yesterday.

Thank you so much for chatting with us today Senica! It was a pleasure having you with us and wish you the best of luck in the future.

Senica Evans as author, relationship coach, radio host, and speaker is passionate about helping women overcome the destruction in their life to reveal their true beauty and greatness. As a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and destructive relationships, Senica founded SennySen to be a guiding light to women and teen girls. Senica is the author of Married to Him, an autobiography of the destruction she faced in her abusive destructive marriage.  Senica is preparing to release her second book later this year; Woman Free Yourself: A Guide to Healing from Divorce or a Heart Wrenching Breakup by Starting Over, Rediscovering You, & Crushing Bitterness, Anger, and Resentment. Visit her at .

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Married to Him by Senica Evans
Retail $9.99
ISBN: 978-1475010152
Published via CreateSpace July 31, 2012 (Originally published December 2011)
Non-Fiction/ Memoir & Inspirational
Available for all e-reading devices and in paperback at all major retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

One woman's story of overcoming a marriage filled with deceit, infidelity, and abuse to living a life filled with joy, peace, and deliverance.
From Senica Evans, comes a riveting, heartbreaking, drama filled autobiographical tale of her tumultuous marriage to Spank. He is verbally and mentally abusive and can't seem to control his incessant cheating. But it didn't start that way! They met and became the best of friends. Almost inseparable from the start. As Spank's true self was slowly being revealed the relationship picked up speed and eventually began to spin out of control. She saw the signs but her desire to keep her family intact was far greater. Despite the craziness, her love for him fueled the drama fire and his selfishness was the wind that kept it ablaze. There was a lesson to be learned from all of this and she was determined to figure it out.

“The butterflies were swarming and I was warming up on the inside. He sat back on the couch and began to swirl his finger around the curls in my hair. He pulled me back to him and his lips touched mine. The kiss was so passionate it sent jolts through my body. Then all of a sudden he abruptly pulled away from me. “Go ahead and finish eating. I have more planned” he said with great confidence.”
“On one of the rare occasions  he would actually open up and talk to me, he told me, “sometimes you have to put things on the back burner to get what you want. Once I got you, I moved everything from the back to the front.” This explained it all! I was just something to be conquered. He didn’t love me, not one bit. It was all a game. “
 “You’re so silly! Why aren’t you taking pictures? What woman doesn’t take pictures on vacation? You’re just walking around looking like you’re a man or something. What was the point of you bringing the camera?
I didn’t know picture taking was gender specific! If you aren’t happy with the amount of pictures I’m taking or the lack thereof you are more than welcome to take them yourself.
I’m not doing anything. You’re the woman so you are supposed to do it. I don’t know why you want to be a man so bad. Senica you aren’t a man. You can’t be the man.
Huh?!? Ok whatever Spank!”

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