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Attributes of Mastery by Blanca Beyar: Interview & #Giveaway

Attributes of Mastery
by Blanca Beyar

Blanca, who is known as Lavayna to her students, has been a vessel for healing for over 11 years. Her passion for spirituality began when she was intrigued by a talk-show that was discussing angelic communications. Curious to see what would happen, Blanca attempted to communicate with her angel and to her utter surprise, succeeded. This was the beginning of a life-long mission and purpose for Blanca to be of divine service.
In her quest to assist humanity in their healing process, Blanca has composed and self-published six titles: “The Path That Leads the Way,”“The Path to Self-Realization,” “Mastering the Language of the Universe,” “Goddess Mother Speaks,” “The Little Book of Life,” “Love...The Only Reason,” which hit #1 in best new Releases.
Throughout her spiritual mission, Blanca has mentored and attuned over 100 students in the art of Reiki healing Today, she has devoted students of the Spiritual Path around the world. Through her books, website and newsletters, she continually inspires humanity to expand their spiritual potential.
Throughout her years of teaching and mentoring, Blanca has used many of her life’s experiences to inspire and assist countless of individuals to abandon the role of “victimization” and instead, to embrace the experiences as gifts of growth. For the first time, in her greatest composition yet, “Attributes of Mastery,” Blanca boldly shares many of her traumatic life experiences and teaches readers how to persevere against all odds with grace and spiritual mastery.
In addition to offering her books and mentoring, Blanca is also a gifted Empath and Medium. She has presently limited her private practice in order to focus on reaching the masses with her workshops and book events.


Welcome to BK Walker Books Etc. Blanca. Thank you so much for chatting with us today. Blanca is on tour at the Virtual Book Tour Cafe', so be sure to follow her to learn more.

Blanca, please tell us something about yourself that isn't in your bio.

BB: Besides loving to write spiritual and self-help books, I maintained a holistic practice for over 11 years. Sessions were geared to offer a full regimen of Mind/Body/Spirit balancing. In a perfect setting, I would first counsel individuals and then invite them to experience energy healing. I would also provide “homework” that was uniquely catered to help individuals to target specific emotional blockages and help to release and reconcile these emotions.

Although I have limited my practice to only students recently in order to concentrate on promoting “Attributes of Mastery,” I still offer phone and email sessions that are very effective in assisting individuals in the areas of counseling/guidance/healing. I also offer Empathic readings by email using photographs. Readers can learn more about these services by visiting my website.

How did your writing journey begin?

BB: My writing journey began soon after I began to have my own spiritual awakening. I was eager to share the many experiences I was having and found a spiritual portal on the WWW, that allowed me to be a freelance writer on the subject of spirituality.

At the time, I had no writing experience and had never had an inspiration to write. However, I knew that I had to share what I was experiencing and that was the motivator to get me to sharpen my writing skills. It was—and still is—one of my greatest write.

When did you realize you were a Medium?

BB: The realization that I was a medium came to me while offering a healing to a distraught mother, many years ago. She had lost her son in the 9/11 events and was in anguish. She came to me, hoping to experience some healing and closure. I invited her to the healing table and soon after beginning; I was shocked when I began to “see in my mind’s vision,” a young man, smiling at me and repeating the name “Michael.” I did not know what this was or what to do about it. I was guided to jot down all that I was seeing and experiencing.

To my dismay, the woman had no idea who this person was. I promised myself that I would never again share anything; not understanding what it was myself. Yet, a few weeks later, through a series of events, I would piece together that the being who came to me that fateful day was my client’s son’s best friend. He, too, had passed in the 9/11 events and his parents were anxious to know how he was. Their son used my client as a vehicle to deliver a message to them. It was a transformational experience for me...and it still is.

What was a memorable experience as a Medium?

BB: I have so many memorable and sacred experiences as a medium but one that recently occurred in one of my events was truly amazing. Before an event, I give participants a little pouch that contains a white quartz. I ask them to put a message for a beloved passed one in the pouch and then I collect them and use them as a tool to connect with the afterlife.

The day before my event, I was sitting down, attuning the quartz stones and placing them in the pouches when I received a message that I should place 2 quartz in one pouch because there would be someone in the event who was connected to a twin loss. It was the first time I had received a message prior to an event so I knew this was going to be special.

The evening of the event, before I began the readings, I made an announcement that someone in the audience had a pouch with two stones and that I had a message for them. Sure enough, the person who had the two stones came with a friend; a mother who had delivered twins but one had passed. It was an incredibly healing message for this mother and an incredible way to begin an event.

You are not shy about your spirituality, but for those that live by old school faith, what do you say when it is said that psychic work is the work of the devil?

BB: First, I would say that I totally understand how they feel because I was raised in a fear-based religious belief as well. I would have compassion for them and their feelings of fear. I would share with them that when I was first beginning my free-lance writing career, I began sharing my angelic experiences with readers and received a lot of emails from readers who resonated with my experiences. However, I also received several emails that warned me to be weary of my communications with evil spirits.

I remember feeling shocked and scared and having these messages bring up old fears. I immediately began to explore biblical scriptures and found many verses that seem to validate these messages of fear. In my confusion, I stopped my communications with my angels and wrote a book that could have been religious categorized. Luckily, by the time the book was ready for publication, I realized that it was just my old paradigm beliefs that led me to feel confused and afraid. Once the book was published, I immediately put it out of print and continued on my journey towards Self-Realization of my own, unique experiences. With this said, I believe that if we advocate evilness and darkness, it will exist in our lives because we are creators. Yes...there is darkness, but it, too, is part of the light.

And finally, I would remind old school believers that Jesus, himself, said, “Ye are Gods. This and greater things can you do.” When we allow ourselves to truly develop our highest potential without feeling separated or inferior, we allow our spiritual attributes to blossom—and that includes healing, empathic and psychic abilities, among the many other gifts that we possess.
What is the message of your book?

BB: There are many messages of inspiration in “Attributes of Mastery.” One of the greatest message is that we can persevere from our greatest challenges in life if we only would allow ourselves to become the observers instead of the victims of circumstances. The book also features twenty-one attributes of “being” that can truly change our lives. Every principle illustrates a simple but profound way of living in action that is centered in the energy of Love.

It is truly impossible to read this book and to not walk away transformed and ready to live a new paradigm of life if we are truly ready to do so.
What do you hope readers take away from your book?

BB: I desire and hope that readers can walk away feeling empowered and ready to become conscious co-creators of their lives after reading “Attributes of Mastery.”Yes...we cannot control many of the events that occur in our world but we do have the ability to choose how we are going to respond to life. An awakened master responds to life by honoring the process and by practicing acceptance of the flow of life; this is true empowerment. I hope that readers can learn to become free from heavy, emotional energies that we often become burdened by when we react to life instead of responding to it after reading my book.

In one sentence, sell your book to us...

BB: “A book that will transform your life.”

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

BB: When I am not writing, I love spending time with my students, offering them love, guidance and healing. In my private time, I enjoy dancing, walking in nature, and visiting spiritual places. I love spending time with my son, Jonathan, having a cup of coffee and catching up on the events of the day and I totally enjoy snuggling with my husband, Steve.

How would your friends describe you?

BB: My friends would describe me as a passionate, courageous and strong woman who gives the greatest hugs. They would also say that I have absolutely no navigational skills on the physical plane but possess the ability to navigate the cosmos with my eyes closed. Finally, most of them would agree that although I am a friend, I am also their spiritual mother and confidant; someone that they feel totally safe with.

If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be?

BB: I have always had a great attunement to Egypt and its rich, ancient roots. I know that I have been there in past lifetimes and always wanted to go there in this lifetime. I believe, though, that because I spent previous lives there, it will not be a place that I will visit in this lifetime because I may not want to return!

Have any authors inspired your writing? If so, who?

BB: There are so many beautiful writers that have contributed to the world. One of them is Neale Donald Walsh, the author of “Conversations with God.” I remember reading this book so many years ago and feeling frustrated because I desperately wanted to find and understand God but did not know how. Neale was an incredible mentor for me and his books have greatly contributed to my own spiritual growth.

What are you reading now?

BB: Currently I am reading, “The Bridges of Madison County.” I absolutely love the movie and I happen to be a romantic at heart. I feel that the storyline of this book/movie powerfully illustrates the power of choices and also of the cause and effect of choices. It is a powerful book that I highly recommend.

Any new projects in the works?

BB: At the moment, my focus is centered on promoting my book. Readers can look forward to future workshops and seminars. I also was invited a few months ago to participate in an episode of the very popular reality show, “The Mob Wives.” It was a very exciting experience and i hope that the airing of the show will open some new doors of opportunity for my work.

Where can readers connect with you?

BB: I invite readers to visit the “Attributes of Mastery” facebook page at!/AttributesOfMastery Readers can also visit my website, and are welcomed to contact me with any questions or comments by reaching me via email at

Thank you so much for visiting us today. We wish you much success in the future.

BB: BK, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with your readers and for all the amazing work that you do for authors and the showcasing of their works. 

Book Genre: Mind/Body/Spirit

For ages, Masters of spirituality have been teaching the simple principles of living and of being.

In our modern time, it has become increasingly difficult to implement the teachings to our everyday lives. Attributes of Mastery is a revised interpretation of specific states of being that can lead us to walk and to experience the wisdom and bliss that sages and gurus have been teaching and inspiring us to follow.

Blanca Beyar, a modern time Guru and healer, intimately shares her own initiations of struggle and perseverance as she walked the journey to spiritual freedom and how the attributes of mastery created a foundation for her life’s purpose. Discover the attributes that will provide the keys to your own unique Mastery!


Love has no boundaries or barriers. Love has no exceptions or limitations. The energy of Love is what sustains this existence in place because no matter how much we feed opposing energies, as a collective humanity, we all experience and express love, whether consciously or subconsciously. No matter how disturbed our lives may be or the world around us, there is not one day that goes by that we do not experience and express love! It must be so, for, this is the true essence of what we are made of.

Giveaway – One Signed Copy of Attributes of Mastery at the end of the tour.


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