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Shaken by Kerry Connelly (Book Tour & Giveaway)

Kerry Connelly is an English born Australian author
A naturally gifted writer, Kerry found her way back to the love of writing after having worked in radio, retail management and casual journalism.

Her first title 'Observation City' was published in February 2013 and is a relatable and humourous book on life and human behaviour.
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Having had anxieties since childhood, Kerry has always been a firm believer in the importance, understanding and support of those with vairying forms of mental illness.

Her upcoming title 'Shaken: A story of emotional abuse and depression' is inspired by her own story with the topics and serves not only as an inspiring read, but as a self help book of sorts for those who may find themselves in the midst and confusion of an emotionally abusive situation, or the loneliness of depression.

Enjoying dual roles as an author and education assistant, another of Kerry's passions lies in the teaching, compassion, understanding and support of early education primary school students.
Being an avid reader and also having studied film and television in her career, Kerry is a big movie buff, a lover of classics, musicals and dramas especially. She also loves to enjoy a well crafted television show and reading non-fiction and memoirs.

Genre: Self-Help, Non-Fiction, Medical Non-Fiction
Publisher: Self-Published at CreateSpace
Release Date: November 2013
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Book Description:

Inspired by her own experiences, Kerry Connelly bravely takes us on a journey into the loneliness and despair of depression while in the midst of an emotionally abusive relationship.

Having had anxieties since childhood, nothing was to prepare her for the violent convulsions and hours of un-controllable sobbing that had started to take over her life, as the stress and trauma of psychological abuse manifested itself in the form of major depressive disorder, sever panic disorder and anxiety with ocd.

Shaken is the story of one woman’s journey with deteriorating mental health while under the control of an emotional abuser. It serves to acknowledge that any form of psychological abuse at any severity is unacceptable and shows just how quickly the trauma of such can give birth to a variety of mental health issues.

Separated by sections of comprehensive reference and checklist material to inform readers about the signs of emotional abuse and depression, as well as sections of advice and help for friends as well as sufferers, Shaken digs deep into the heart of a woman who hopes to dispel the ignorance and lack of understanding regarding both issues by using her own experiences as an example.

A stark, honest and well written read from the pen of an emotional abuse survivor.



The relationship I endured took a toll on my pre-existing disorder. I had suffered with attacks of anxiety since I was a child, which along with bouts of depression, accompanied me into adulthood.

A bad bout of anxiety would see me locked in the bathroom, frightened and alone while I sat there shivering making my peace to God. Attacks that were so severe and intense, I was sure I was about to die.

How sick they made me feel. The negative thoughts would try to penetrate my exhausted and troubled mind and sweat would seep from every pour of my tired and trembling body. If not for what I call ‘my logical brain’ and my desire to overcome these battles, I’m sure that the battles I was going to face in the decade known as my twenties, would have eventually seen me committed to the cuckoo’s nest.

I had started to see a psychologist in my twenties. It was a few years before I met the man who was to become my emotional abuser. He would have dire effects upon my mental health.

During my time with him, I was happy to realise that my anxiety hadn’t flared up, in what I realised was about to be a year. It was such a relief to be functioning without fear or trepidation. I felt I was slowly getting better.

Little did I know however, that the absence of anxiety would be replaced with the presence of something that medical professionals call Panic Attacks. Attacks that elevated my pre-existing and dormant disorder to a full-fledged diagnosis of severe depression, panic and anxiety disorder with slight OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.)

It was a diagnosis which saw my return back to medication after just over ten years without it.

I was prescribed a 100 mg dose of a strong anti-depressant/anxiety and mood stabilising drug. That rapidly rose to an astonishingly medically prescribed 300 mg dose within a month and a half. It was 250 mg more than the average recommended dose for both male and females alike.


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