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4 Latte's for Web of Lies - My Life with a Narcissist by Sarah Tate

Web of Lies - My Life with a NarcissistWeb of Lies - My Life with a Narcissist by Sarah Tate

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Web of Lies - My Life with a Narcissist was an unbelievable read. The entire time I was reading, I wanted to reach in the pages and tell Sarah to get out now!

Moving to a new country, starting a new life, Sarah thought she was in for a brand new fresh start. After arriving to work, she meets Bill. Not instantly attracted to Bill, she can't help but to be swept up by his charm. He's writing her songs, taking her on extravagant getaways. She thought he was going to be her life and eventually she married him.

What she soon learned though, was lie after lie by Bill, things started to not add up. He was always on the lookout for his next big riches, not having work for months even years at a time. He was being sued for money every time Sarah turned around. She kept faith in Bill though, standing by his side knowing that he would provide.

Then came their first child. Bill doted on their daughter Lucy from the moment she was born. Sarah had no idea how to be a Mom, and was feeling a little distraught about it. Financially things didn't change though. Sarah was starting to worry she would not be able to feed her child, especially after the next one came.

Now Bill is working out of their basement in yet another new home, going to make his millions on the internet. More and more time he spends on the computer, and more and more he and Sarah drift apart. Depression sets in, and Bill's excuses are never ending.

Deciding writing her poetry would help, Sarah has Bill build her a website. It gets off the ground with a great start, members consistently joining. Now Bill is into this website, and is no longer working on his millions, but chatting online with people from Sarah's new poetry site.

Less and less time with the children, Sarah becomes agitated. In an effort to save their marriage, she tries to make it work with Bill, and romances him, thinking she is not doting on him enough and plans for another baby. While is excited about being a father again, what she soon finds out is that on his next "important" business trip, he is not alone.

This in turn causes Sarah to start investigating Bill's past. What she learns sickens her to no end and forces her mind to a decision...she will divorce this man.

This was such a moving story. The hardship and total ruins that this woman had to face was just astounding. It stands true that cycles always repeat, but Sarah had no idea what this man was doing to her. It's sad to know that their is a disease such as this out there and half the people don't even realize they have a problem. Much like addiction. Bill Tate took advantage of lonely souls, one right after another. When Sarah started questioning his every move, Bill knew it was time to move on.

Luckily Sarah got out before it ruined her. Bill's actions actually took the life of his poor wife before Sarah, and his lies never ceased to amaze. Kudos to Sarah for escaping her demise.

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