Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 Latte's for Herphus and the importance of Aroooo by Robert Wheiler

Herphus and the importance of ArooooHerphus and the importance of Aroooo by Robert Wheiler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Herphus and the Importance of AROOOO by Robert Wheiler

Reviewed by Daniel Dietz

Herphus is a girl bloodhound that just sits on her chain laying around all day. She's always lazy and feels the time has come to do something important. She chews the rope holding her to the yard and digs a hole under the fence.

She goes down the street, gets her foot stuck in bubble gum, trying to chew the gum off her foot she ends up getting her face stuck too. A boy comes to her aid helping to free her. Thankful, she continues on her way. She hears trained bloodhounds howling, and heads to the sound. She finds the bloodhounds tracking a lost boy, and they tell her to go away.

Their tracking device is the boys shoe. Herphus smells the shoe to get his scent. The bloodhounds lose the trail, but Herphus didn't. She locks on the scent, running past the trained hounds into the woods, howling like she's never howled before.

She meets other forest animals, and comes across a cave. Squirrels tell her that people that enter the cave never come out. She doesn't care as she's onto the boys scent and she enters cave. She sees a light and comes to the kidnapper and the boy. She growls at the kidnapper, her hound instincts taking over.

The police heard her growling and entered the cave. With the kidnapper frozen in place by Herphus, they arrest him and find the boy behind a boulder with his mouth taped and Herphus by his side. She's saved the day.

The police take her back to town with them to celebrate and Herphus gets a badge for her bravery. She becomes part of the Search and Rescue team, and her original owner gives the boy the option to keep her for the good she did.

Wheiler did an excellent job with this title. It's a great childrens mystery and would enthrall any child. I enjoyed this story and couldn't put it down until I was at the end.

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