Thursday, February 23, 2012

For 3 Days Only - Mancode:Exposed by Rachel Thompson $.99 Book Bash


10. Men: Clearly, based on the title, this book has to do with men. I’m married to one, have been for almost twenty years. I’ve had several long-term relationships, dated for many years prior, and have been in the workplace since age sixteen. Plus I’m online and interacting constantly with hundreds of guys as part of my social media consulting business and author platform. And they’re kind of always walking around and stuff. I have lots of material.

9. Women: I have two fabulous sisters and a terrific mom, as well as awesome friends and have always worked well with a cadre of chicks. Sure, women are competitive but so are men. We’re all people, right? My book specifically discusses women’s reactions to men and vice versa. One of my theories (after too many martinis one night) is women talk in circles, and men speak in points. Think about it.

8. Sex: Kind of hard NOT to discuss in a book about men and women don’t you think? But I decided to look at it from a different point of view and deconstruct things. Like our private parts – why not? Some people are uncomfortable with it but clearly, not me! I also discuss lingerie – pretty but man, that stuff is itchy.

7. Humor: Much of what I discuss is tongue in cheek, sarcastic, metaphorical. A lot of people have had quite visceral reactions to it because I think they take it literally. And that’s okay – I’m thrilled if I can elicit an emotion in anyone. I just hope people remember this is a humorous collection of essays. I’m no ‘ologist’ and make no claims to be.

6. Chocolate: From my point of view, chocolate is a food group. I can exist on Nutella alone. One guy on Twitter once told me to explain that and about twelve women practically attacked him. Chicks get it, dudes don’t. If we’re PMSing, we become Maleficent. What’s not to get?

5. Martinis: My salvation from a bad day. I’m a vodka girl. I really only have one a week, but I love writing about them. Just the thought of a vodka martini with extra olives makes you – sigh – take a deep breath, right? Hey, I have a drama queen tween girl and a six-year-old Tasmanian devil child darling son. A girl needs her martinis.

4. Stereotypes: There are certain behaviors or ways of communicating that my husband and I engage in. It’s simple fact. That’s what I write about. It’s where Mancode started for me. It’s funny. People can relate to it. We’re not all that different. There are universal truths about marriage, men, women, sex, relationships, etc. This is how stereotypes were formed ‘in the beginning.’

Some people have issues with my book – this is where the controversy comes in – saying I’m simply caving in to stereotypes. I researched stereotypes, DNA, how the male and female brains work, and more before I wrote my book.

Again, this is a humor book. It’s meant to be taken as such. I’m okay with however people want to internalize it and encourage discourse about it. That rocks.

3. Remotes: My guy is pretty obsessed with them. Quantity, volume, types. I could care less where they are or if I put them in a blender one day and crush them to an electronic death they’ll never recover from. Hey, a girl can dream.

2. Chickspeak: I’m quite task oriented (see my COMMUNICATION STYLES post on my blog) but women do say stuff like “I’m fine,” when we’re so not. This confuses men. They think we’re fine. Silly men.

  1. Mancode: The main reason you should read The Mancode: Exposed is right there in the title. We’re got their number. Or do we?

I deconstruct the goofy things men do (organize the garage but not the house – what is that?), the brain shelf (why men can only keep three things on the shelf at any one time: sex, food, and sports – as reported to me by several men), and why they’re obsessed with their own bodily secretions (I know—ewww).

Oh, and did I mention The Mancode: Exposed is priced at only 99cents this week? That’s kinda major! And it’s already made it into the Amazon Top 100? And hit #1 on Motherhood, Parenting and Families, and Parenting and Relationships?

So there’s that.

The book is eBook format and is available from Amazon exclusively but remember, you don’t need a Kindle to purchase eBooks – download their free apps for smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, or cloud to read any eBooks – even if you’re a Nook (or other tablet) owner – you don’t have to miss out!

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