Friday, February 10, 2012

Today Only - Book Frenzy for Immortal Becoming by Wendy S.Hales

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Shane Einar is a five hundred year old Volaticus Elven warrior, sworn to duty and honor. His species has inhabited the earth since the beginning of time. The sources of vampire, elf and fairy myths, Volaticus are in reality something altogether different. He never expected to meet Jess Reed. A female living amongst humanity completely unaware that she is Hulven, a human/Elven hybrid race of Volaticus, or that she is on the cusp of Becoming into her Elven traits. Shane should turn Jess over to the Symbiosis of Species Council, SOSC. His attraction to her along with her ability to enrapture him with a smile bars him from it. He rightly suspects that this female is his bloodmate. 
Jess had always been psychic, a painful and confusing fact of her life. Empowered by Shane's love, Jess is launched into a world of unimaginable passion where enlightened species walk among humanity. When given a choice to sacrifice the power and beauty of their bloodmating to aid in the rescue of victimized females from breeding cages under the control of an Elven rogue, they discover that honor and destined love comes with a price.