Monday, February 13, 2012

Wet Firecrackers:The Unauthorized Autobiography of Gordon Osmond

Publisher Publish America
Released February 2011

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Join Gordon Osmond in his attempt to produce from the disparate elements of his long life some coherent whole and purposeto discover the root causes of the author's ultimate sense of highly partial personal fulfillment.
Long on analysis and short on chronological order, this unauthorized autobiography (sic) takes you to Osmond's diverse domiciles, (the United States, England, Japan, and Brazil), and to his toilings in the various vineyards of law, theatre, tennis, and teaching.

In our lives, we all have episodes of pride and shame, of celebration and despair, and of conquest and defeat. Osmond hopes that this account of these opposite events in his life may in some measure illuminate and inform the reader's own life odyssey.

First off, I love this cover. It really draws you in and begs for you to turn it over to see what's in store. The more I read memoirs, the more I'm really starting to like them. Osmond brought a well written story in his Unauthorized Autobiography. From undergraduate school to not being able to discuss sex in front of his parents or risk getting the lecture on how he will wait until he's married, to humorous satires and California Dreaming,  Osmond puts it all out there with humor, dignity, and I think if he were one of my teachers, I'd have breezed through school with ease.

The world could use more teachers like him, one of those that actually tries to connect with and reach their students. He couldn't have said it better when he said, "curiosity is the gateway to learning." Teachers could realize this more and find ways to pique that curiosity instead of just "teaching". Nothing against teachers, but Osmond is right on.

 I found myself laughing more often than not throughout reading this title, and I would just love to meet this guy in person. "Brazil, where nuts come from and sometimes go to", how could you not find that funny? Overall, Mr. Osmond has been many places, accomplished many things, and he takes you along for the ride as he relives it all. I truly enjoyed this read and would recommend this for anyone looking for a relaxing read and a good laugh.