Friday, March 5, 2010

Daddy's Tavern by Curtis E. Gibson *****

Daddy's Tavern by Curtis E. Gibson is a phenomenal read! Well defined plot taking you right into the story.

Mary McCammon has a good life with a good husband. They enjoy the finer things until the day Darryl loses his job and joins the Navy. Now left alone to fend for herself, Mary is overcome with loneliness.

She turns to wine, liquor, and other men. After one encounter with the owner of a tavern across the street named Mel, she finds herself pregnant.

Lenny was a quiet boy, abused by his mother and her men. He is dirty and picked on by his school mates. Finding a friend in Boche, who always protects him, he wishes to be more like him. He also longs for the day his Dad would come home from the Navy.

When that day finally arrives, Lenny's life is turned upside down. When both of his parents die, he has nowhere else to turn. Mel, the tavern owner is certain that Lenny is his boy and takes him in. Lenny runs errands and cleans the tavern for his keep. He learns from Mel, not knowing that he is actually his father.

After Lenny is drafted into the service, he returns a different man. He is clean and smart. He has big hopes of becoming a business owner just like Mel.

When another tragedy hits Lenny, he falls back into that boy that was dirty and shy, never meaning nobody any harm. That is, until he meets Rachel. Does Lenny finally find the love he so longs for?

Daddy's Tavern is a very descriptive read set in the 60's. Lenny is a character that you are sure to fall in love with. Gibson does a magnificent job holding the readers attention, having you rooting for Lenny and hoping he rises above all the bad in his life.

I give Daddy's Tavern *****(5)Stars, BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".

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