Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Domestics by Jo Davis *****

Domestics by Jo Davis is a terrific read. Two short stories that waste no time getting into the action.

Sarah is married to Keith and severely abused by him. The day he beat their child Brandy to death, Sarah's life forever changed. In a heated rage, Keith learned exactly what he has put Sarah and Brandy through.

After the death of her husband, Sarah becomes a counselor for domestic violence. She helps these abused women in more ways than one.

The day Rick comes into Sarah's life, she finds herself attracted to a man after ten years of solitude. They seem to be a perfect pair, talking until all hours of the night.

Rick is a Private Investigator and retired police officer. After the sudden death of his partner, he vows to prove it was murder. Little does he know that his new found love is tied into it.

The last short story in this title is Smoke. Charlie finds himself craving the one thing he is most trying to quit....cigarettes. While on a plane, the craving becomes unbearable. He suddenly finds a cigarette in his belongings that he didn't know he had.

Knowing he had a cigarette made it that much worse. When he decides to create his own fire, the airline attendants become worried about what he may be doing in the bathroom.

Lucky for them, there is a Fire Marshall on the plane, but not so lucky for Charlie.

Davis did a magnificent job with this title. Full of action from beginning to end, I loved this book. I give Domestics *****(5) Stars, BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".

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