Friday, March 12, 2010

Love Triumphs by Myrna R. Caudill *****

Love Triumphs by Myrna Caudill is a great read with an attention grabbing plot from beginning to end. Perfect for any murder/mystery fan.

Jake Mallory is a detective with the Eagletown Police Department. When his partner was killed in the line of duty, Jake blames himself, wondering what he could have done differently.

Full of turmoil, Jake pushes everyone he cares about away, including the love of his life Gem. Unable to find Gem after she leaves, he is left with self doubt and constant nightmares of that dreadful night.

Two years later, Gem shows up on his doorstep, tired, skinny, and with a baby in her arms. Jake doesn't doubt the baby is his and is flooded with feelings he still has for Gem.

Caught in a murder case with very little clues, Jake tries to support Gem and baby Josh, while pursuing a murderer. The problem is that Jake has hurt Gem, and he isn't sure she will ever be able to forgive him.

Will love triumph in the end? Find out in Caudill's newest mystery/romance novel - Love Triumphs (the title says it all).

Caudill did a fantastic job in Love Triumphs. This is one title that will have you rooting for love and conquering of the bad guys. I give Love Triumphs *****(5) Stars, BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".

Love Triumphs will be releasing this Spring 2010. Watch for details.

Author Bio: After pursuing a career as an accountant, Girl Scout professional, and tax preparer I decided to try my dream – write a novel. Life’s experiences have provided ample material for writing. My first novel “Cold Case Fallout” has been published as three short stories. “Joshua Came Home at Last,” Joshua Embraces America” and Love at First Sight”.

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