Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Madness Continues with the Twilight Saga

I won't make this a long one,  because what else is there to say other than BRING ON THE ECLIPSE!

Eclipse Official Trailer:

Ok you Twilight Fans!  June 30th is fast approaching.  I for one cannot wait until Eclipse is in theaters!  There is going to be a lot of excitement that is already chilling me to the bone in anticipation.

Kristen Stewart is one lucky chic!  She gets to kiss both Robert and Taylor.  How could you get more lucky than that? She stated that,  "it was weird for Bella,  but all in all it was ok."  She was referring to the kiss with Jacob :).  Come on,  really?  Just ok?  I would think it would be more than just "ok" lol.

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading this Saga,  you better jump on the band wagon!  It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  

So I'd like to know who is excited for Eclipse's release?  Are you Team Edward,  or Team Jacob?

Don't forget to check out Stephenie Meyer's newest release: