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***** Review of Edging Past Reality by David Fingerman

Edging Past Reality
Author - David Fingerman
Publisher - Two Harbors Press

Synopsis of Edging Past Reality:

Get ready to expect the unexpected when you read this collection of chilling short stories The short stories of Edging Past Reality will take you to the precipice of reason and then push you over the edge.

If you think you can always believe your eyes, and you're sure that what you believe is true, it's time to check your certainties at the door ... and start Edging Past Reality. In this collection of short stories, as you're warned in the introduction, ''the most common and familiar elements of life ... explode into a circus of horror.'' Imagine an inviting, lush meadow that turns shockingly deadly. A mirror that holds more than mere reflections. A trial where your life hangs by a call-in vote.

David Fingerman, a master of the unforeseen and unpredictable, will take you on a number of seemingly ordinary journeys and then smoothly veer off course, surprising you with twists and turns that propel you toward destinations that are not only unexpected, but often terrifying.

My Thoughts -

I loved this book.  Edging Past Reality is a magnificent compilation of short stories.  Fingerman has a fantastic imagination,  bringing an unexpecting twist to reality.  Some stories will give you chills,  others will make you shutter,  all will have you thinking.  I do have a few of my favorites out of this compilation and I am going to elaborate a bit on those for your enjoyment and a good taste of what you can expect from David Fingerman.

Fingerman has grouped his stories into categories,  so I will take a story out of each category that I absolutely loved.

Too Young To Know Any Better:
A Halloween Story - Trick or treating and lost in the woods,  little Tommy comes across a lone house.  After knocking on the door,  he becomes enchanted with the lady of the house,  a beautiful witch stirring her brew.  Tommy knows she's a witch and has bespelled him,  though she is so nice he cannot be afraid.  Will Tommy make it out alive? 

Old Enough To Know Better:
Peeping Tom - When the owner of several cabins decides upon check-in which women he would like to fantasize about, he gets more than he bargained for when Amanda checked in.  I so was not expecting the ending,  FANTASTIC!

Is This A Mid-Life Crisis?
A Walk In The Woods - Steve Blanchard was a prestigious lawyer that never took any time for himself.  He lets a co-worker talk him into going to a cabin in the woods.  While there he comes across a wolf.  Deeming the wolf malnourished he starts to feed it and eventually the wolf takes food from his hands.  One day deciding on a walk a snow storm hits and Steve becomes lost.  Taking coverage in a cave,  who should come to the rescue?  The wolf...yes he leads Steven back to the cabin where the door is found ajar.  What do you suppose waits inside for the duo? 

Senior Moments:
A Midnight Stroll - When a series of unexpected murders have taken place in an apartment building of seniors,  it has become unsafe to be out on your own in the town.  Seventy two year old Francis cannot stand sitting inside though and he takes a stroll through the park.  After tripping and hurting his ankle,  he is helped by a young Indian named Bear.  Bear helps Francis home telling him he should not be out alone with all the murders.  They chat and tell each other of their pasts and how they have come to where they are today,  when Francis invites Bear up for tea.  You think you know what will happen in the end...but are you certain that will be the outcome?

It certainly is a toss up as to which ones are the best of short stories in Edging Past Reality,  but David Fingerman certainly knows how to deliver.  I give this title ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker,

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