Sunday, June 13, 2010

***** Review of My Punishment by Spring Carrion

My Punishment by Spring Carrion was a phenomenal read.  Spring is a newly published young author that holds nothing back when it comes to her writing.

Aubrey had the perfect life.  A mother and father who found love in high school and loved their daughter with all they had.  Life couldn't have been much better for Aubrey.

That is until the day tragedy struck.  Aubrey and her dad were on their way to her dance lesson when they were struck from behind and pushed into oncoming traffic.  Sadly,  this accident claimed her fathers life.

Through the turmoil of grieving the loss of the man they both loved,  Aubrey's finds she cannot cope,  turning to the bottle for relief of her pain.  Little Aubrey blamed herself,  and so did her mother.

As the years go on,  Aubrey finds herself in a life of solitude.  Kids from school pick on her,  her mother is in her own world,  Aubrey has nowhere to turn.  Her mother doesn't deal with the loss of "her one true love"  continually blaming Aubrey,  and eventually taking it out on her physically.

Through more desolation,  Aubrey deals with becoming pregnant,  to deciding to take her own life.  Will Aubrey escape the darkness that is determined to consume her?

Find out in My Punishment.  Carrion did a fantastic job writing this title.  This title definitely stirred emotions.  You will feel your heart breaking for Aubrey as you follow her through her life.  You will find yourself angry,  sad,  and wishing you could do something to help this child.

I give My Punishment ***** (5) Stars,  and hope to see more from Spring Carrion as she has a beautiful way of enthralling the reader from the moment you read the first sentence.  ~BK Walker,


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