Friday, July 9, 2010

Do You Love Big Cats? Read on for a touching story.....

Meet Diablo.  Diablo is a 7 year old male Siberian Bengal Tiger.  Diablo went to Forever Wild Sanctuary from an entertainer in Las Vegas that could no longer care for him.  His prior owner had him declawed,  and this caused a lot of pain for Diablo.  He had to undergo 4 surgeries to help his feet so he could walk without pain.  Watch Diablo's surgery here :                

Diablo is just one of many 'big cats' at the Forever Wild Sanctuary in California.  What people don't understand is that these cats are meant to be in the wild.  They think its "cool" to own a tiger,  black panther,  mountain lion,  bob cat or even a lion.  They think declawing will help to keep them safe,  when all it does is create pain in these beautiful animals.

Meet Mia.  This tiger was found out in the cold,  1 of 2 survivors from an abandoned litter of 5 cubs.  3 were found frozen to death,  the remaining 2 were placed in an ad in a newspaper with the heading "Free To Good Home".  Who does that?  Especially with tigers of all cats.  This isn't your typical house cat.  Anyways,  Forever Wild saw this ad and called right away,  bringing the cubs to their sanctuary where they can live out their lives in a safe environment with people that know what they are doing.

So you may be asking yourselves,  Why is she writing about tigers?,  right?  Well let me tell you how I came across this sanctuary.  I was sitting home with my children,  and I don't know if any of you know Ty Pennington or not,  but he is the host of Extreme Makeover,  Home Edition.

Ty takes his design crew to various states across the nation helping deserving families to rebuild their homes.  It is a fantastic show and very touching.
This is where I first learned of the Almquist Family.  They had a love and a dream,  and turned it into a reality,  providing a home for wildlife,  abused or abandoned.  This story touched my heart and I wanted to share and maybe provide an increase in awareness and donations to support this great cause.  Most of all,  please don't take on a tiger for a pet.  They are in the wild for a reason,  and like all babies,  they are so cute when they are little but they do grow up to be 400 lb + animals,  with a wild streak. 

Watch this touching video :

Did you know that Forever Wild goes through 300 pounds of meat in a day?  The average 400 pound tiger eats 40 - 60 pounds of meat each day.  That is a lot of meat.  Can you just imagine how much that would cost?  Especially for several large cats?  The Almquist's never thought of costs,  and often put their own needs aside to help these animals.  This is a fabulous family with huge hearts among all of them.  They just want to be able to give these animals a home,  where they can be safe and live out their lives happy and loved.

So in an effort to create awareness,  Forever Wild is a cause that I am proud to promote.  Please join with me and help spread the word about this fantastic organization.  Please note that they are non-profit organization,  so they only get their funding through donations from people like you and me,  and establishments willing to donate to their cause.  A donation of any amount will help to feed a cat,  build housing and supply medical needs.  Even if you cannot donate,  please,  please help out just by spreading the word.  Add the button I created for Forever Wild using their logo to your blog or website.  Just by spreading the word and creating an awareness helps out and is greatly appreciated.

There are so many ways to donate and you can even adopt a cat,  receiving adoption papers, pictures and more.

Won't you join with me and support a great cause?  Visit today for more information. Grab the button below or from my sidebar.  Thanks for helping support this family and these animals.