Tuesday, July 27, 2010

***** Review of I Will Remember by Roland and Gwen Higginbotham

I Will Always Remember by Roland and Gwen Higginbotham was a fabulous read!  Looking into the past when segregation was deemed a major issue in the 70's,  you are sure to be enthralled with this title.


Jill Young never understood racial issues.  From a very young child,  she never saw the difference between black and white.  When going with her grandmother to visit her great aunt,  she used to watch the black children play,  wishing that she could join in with them.  She knew it wasn't allowed though,  as each race was expected to "stick to their own kind". 


One day while watching the kids play,  the ball got away and landed right in front of her.  Unsure what to do as one of the kids came to retrieve the ball,  she stared blankly at the form standing in front of her.  When "Tiny",  as she decided to call him from the first day she laid eyes on him,  spoke to her,  she quickly came to the realization that they were no different than herself.


Through the years she watched from a distance.  Then high school came,  and "Tiny",  who she soon learned his real name was Mike,  attended the same school. After Mike had protected her from a boy claiming she was too good for black people,  their friendship flourished.  They were always together,  studying and hanging out,  all through their high school years.


Mike became a football hero,  and she was on the sidelines as a cheerleader.  As their relationship grew,  they endured the racial comments and gossip from their peers and other racist people from the town.  Not once did they let it interfere with their friendship.  After years of racial slander and ridicule,  they were both surprised when their relationship went a step further,  and they became lovers.


Hiding their true feelings,  they continued on their daily routines,  graduating from high school,  and both landing scholarships to college.  As they both accepted admission to separate colleges,  they took a break from each other,  letting things "relax"  as they started their studies. 


The day Jill got the call from Mike that he was injured and his scholarship was gone,  she was more determined than ever to not let him give up on his dreams of finishing college.  She was waiting for the right time to talk to him about the future,  when the headlines from the newspaper caught her attention,  "Local Prairie Football Star Arrested".


Thinking of nothing else than to clear his name,   Jill returns home.  Will Jill be able to get Mike off the charges pending against him?  Even more so, will they be able to pick up where they left off?


Find out in I Will Always Remember.  The Higginbotham's did a fantastic job grabbing the readers attention from the beginning to the end of this story.  I found myself unable to put this down until I had finished it in its entirety.  I Will Always Remember is a definite page turner,  and will leave you wanting more.  Full of excitement and suspense,  you will find yourself rooting for love as well as freedom.


I give I Will Always Remember ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker,  http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

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