Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finding Inspiration with L.E. Harvey

Finding Inspiration
My partner is a chainsaw carver and I am a writer. Obviously, we make an interesting pair. I like to watch her and see where she gets her inspiration for her carvings. Most of them are animals and centered around mother nature. They're beautiful and they are fantastic replications of the natural world. 

But where do writers gain their inspiration? From EVERYTHING. 

As writers, we are fortunate enough to gain inspiration from the music that touches our ears. The paintings that dazzle our eyes can easily encourage us to write. The familiar smells from our kitchen stir our brains and get us writing. The people we love, the people who make us laugh are worth a good story. The trees, the fluffy white clouds and the bright orange sun are also fantastic sources of inspiration. As writers, everyone and everything on this planet is our inspiration. 

If you see a chipmunk playing in a field, you have a story. A homeless person just looking for some compassion can give you a story. Looking up at the top of the Eiffel Tower creates the story within. Your past, your present and your future all hold an infinite number of stories. Your family, your location, your travels - even your vehicle can all contribute to your story. 

We as writers have the entire world at our hands! How great is that?! Our sources of inspiration are endless! I have been able to create my stories from my life, my home, my friends and family; from the world around me. Loving Her is a fantastic collection of stories inspired by people I've seen or friends and my life in Philadelphia. Unbreakable Hostage is a wonderful story based on people and experiences from myself with the buzz of the city that intrigues me: Los Angeles as the backdrop. My next two works are based on self-reflection, music and the beautiful countryside of the American mid-west. My books are inspired from as many different elements from the world around me as possible. 

As a reader and a writer, a good book is one that is unique and is genuinely inspired. Not a carbon copy, but one where you can sense the writer's sense of awe in the story as much as you sense you own. Inspiration is a beautiful thing. 

Happy reading! 

 Thank you so much for stopping in Lauren.  It has been such a pleasure and I am wishing you much success in the future.  Please be sure to leave a comment for Lauren for your chance to win a copy of one of her books at the end of her virtual book tour :).

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