Thursday, July 1, 2010

Write On! Your World with Dallas Woodburn

Today please welcome my guest Dallas Woodburn.  I am so impressed with this young lady,  and I think you will be too.  She is doing amazing things all in the name of Literacy.  Please be sure to check out her site as well so you can see what all she is accomplishing as she helps children across the nation.  Welcome Dallas and thank you so much for stopping in.

BIO: Dallas Woodburn is an award-winning author and journalist whose work has appeared in Family Circle, Writer’s Digest, The Los Angeles Times, and many other publications. For her volunteer work, she has been honored with a national Jackie Kennedy Onassis/Jefferson Award, a Congressional Award Gold Medal, and most recently a “Best of You” Award from Glamour Magazine. Learn more about Write On! For Literacy at

I published my first book, There’s a Huge Pimple On My Nose, when I was in fifth grade. The teachers in my elementary school asked me to speak to their classes about how I pursued my dream of publishing a book. At the beginning of my talk, I asked the kids if any of them were interested in writing, and a few shy hands raised. In contrast, at the end of my talk when I asked the same question, nearly all the hands in the class shot up. The students told me they didn’t know that kids could be writers. They didn’t think of writing as something that could be fun or empowering.
Writing and reading have opened the doors to so many amazing opportunities in my life: a scholarship to attend college, a semester studying abroad in England, a trip to New York City to be a guest on The CBS Early Show. Not only that, but writing gives me a healthy outlet to express my feelings and connect to other people.
I started "Write On! For Literacy" in 2001 to encourage kids to discover confidence, joy, a means of self-expression, and connection to others through reading and writing. My website features writing contests, book reviews, fun writing prompts, and more. I still frequently visit classrooms to speak to kids about my writing journey (another published collection of short stories and a novel followed There’s a Huge Pimple On My Nose) and I teach a Youth Summer Writing Camp every year in my hometown of Ventura, California. 
Perhaps my most rewarding project is an annual Holiday Book Drive that I started to collect and distribute new books to disadvantaged kids who do not have many books of their own. More than 11,000 books have been donated to date.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that it is okay to start small. The first year, my Holiday Book Drive only donated 125 books to the local Boys & Girls Club. Still, even small acts make a difference, and small acts often snowball into amazing contributions bigger than you ever dreamed.
What is your passion? How can you use what you love to help others? Get friends involved. Spread the word to your community. Overwhelmingly, I have discovered that people very much want to help, but they don’t always know what they can do. If you can supply a meaningful avenue for people to help, they will join your cause. 
One of my favorite quotes is attributed to the late, great basketball coach John Wooden: “Make each day your masterpiece.” Don’t wait until next week or month or year to make a difference. Start small. Start today. The most important thing you can do is begin! 
Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing with us Dallas.  I think you are doing such a wonderful job!  You would make any parent proud,  and I wish you much success in the future! 

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Published a book at that age. I'm impressed. I've got a lot of catching up to do. I was 34.
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Karen Cioffi said...

I agree, Dallas is an amazing young lady, and I love that quote by John Wooden!

Dallas said...

Thank you so much Jessica and Karen for stopping by! John Wooden is one of my heroes. Such an amazing human being.

Unknown said...

Dallas, you are such an inspiration. I am always amazed when I read about your accomplishments. You are truly one we can all learn from.

Anonymous said...

Dallas is truly awesome. I know this for a fact. Her gift of giving books to those who need them is making a difference in countless people's lives. Once I hit the Big Time, Dallas will be on my list of charitable contributions. Have a great holiday weekend.

Stephen Tremp