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Day #4 - Knowing Malachi! Interview Part One & #Giveaway

Welcome back Malachi. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, as well as our Readers! Did everyone get what they most wished for? I know I did. I love photography, and received a new Canon camera that just takes beautiful pictures.

We're finishing out the week with Malachi in a two part interview, so be sure to come back tomorrow for Malachi's last day with us a interview more on the fun side of things. You can enter to win a copy of Knowing Malachi by using the Rafflecopter below, and the winner will be drawn at the end of his virtual book tour at the Virtual Book Tour Cafe'.

BK: Malachi, please tell us a little bit about yourself that wasn't included in the biography above.
MS: Well I am a speaker for RAIIN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) and I am extremely passionate about bringing healing and wholeness to people’s lives in every aspect. I am completely fascinated by the power ‘words’ have in framing our realities so I consider them, both written and oral, to be my greatest weapon against the perils that bind mankind. With that in mind, I also host a radio show on blog talk radio called “Survivors Radio”.

BK: What message do you hope to get out there with Journey to Malachi?
MS: I really want people to know that there is healing for your hurt. Whatever your personal issues are there is hope for freedom and complete transformation. I also want to introduce the masses to a portrait of God that has not been popularized by most mass church media. Usually God is depicted as a hard taskmaster, judging and holding his ‘children’ to impossible standards. My life has been transformed radically by a God that just wanted to minister to my needs and be a balm to my deepest pain…and believe me the pain and brokenness was deep and at times unbearable.

BK: After reading your book, there are so many things that are signs of abuse. Can you tell us few signs that parents should be on the lookout for?
MS: Parents should be on the lookout for emotional and physical changes in their children. Children can display a wide range of symptoms from regressive behavior to sudden sexual interest. Most of the signs of abuse are subtle and easy to miss so it’s important to LISTEN to your children and WATCH their behavior closely. Keep dialogue about inappropriate touching open and frequent. Insure that your children know that your primary goal is to protect them and that you are capable of handling the things and people that may harm them.

BK: I know that you love working with kids, and I think this is so important, what would you tell a child that you suspected was being abused in any way, that would encourage them to come forward?
MS: I would tell they child that I have been in their position and I understand why they may fear coming forward. I would reveal to them the devastating effects keeping my abuse a secret had on my life and share how breaking the silence was the genesis of my journey to healing. I would also share with them how much support is out there and how much safety is available for victims.

BK: Tell us about Exousia...
MS: Exousia is a mid-Atlantic prayer-summit that gathers every ninety days in the southern region of Maryland. It was there that I met my spiritual leaders and mentors Pastor William and Apostle Yolanda Powell, who would later be instrumental in my fight for freedom. Exousia happened to also be the place where I launched my first book signing. I am happy to say that it was a success and I encourage all who are interested in experiencing a personal connection with God outside of the confines of traditionalism to visit and plan to be at our next gathering!

BK: What was it like for you, the writing journey for this book?
MS: Writing Journey to Malachi was therapeutic yet difficult at times. The reality of my life’s experience was perpetually being visited and re-visited in the process of writing and editing. My inspiration was that someone somewhere would be touched deeply by my honesty. So now that I have done the hard part of compiling the story, I must market the experience and spread the healing and hope.

BK: I'm sure it was an emotional ride, what was the hardest part writing this book?
MS: The hardest part of writing this book was exposing how broken I was. People in my life saw me, but they didn’t see the ‘real me’. They saw the projection of myself I wanted them to see, but this book exposed the horrific pain that can be masked by a brilliant smile. Imagine this book as being like a beautiful model finally taking her make-up off and exposing her bare face to the world. Like that model, people had seen me in ministry as being strong and triumphant but I would fine that it was my vulnerability that would foster my true beauty.

BK: What made you decide to take your story down this path, writing the story and publishing it?
MS: I wrote the story with the intent to share it with the world. I spent many hours of many days counting the cost and analyzing the risk. I decided the ends justified the means and that the cost (emotionally, socially, financially, etc.) was worth it. Otherwise, my journey would be in vain.

BK: Now that your book is published, what kind of feedback have you received from friends and family?
MS: My friends and family had the benefit of reading the book before I sent it to the printers. I wanted to be sure that the story was universal so I invited people whose life experiences where completely different than mine as well as those who had very similar experiences. As you can see clearly from the reviews on Amazon I have not yet received a bad review. I appreciate that others are able to glean from my story.

BK: What are you doing now? Are you working on any new projects or anything you'd like to share with readers today?
MS: Currently I am working to market Journey to Malachi to the mass market. I am also trying to break into the college speaking circuit and really dedicate my life to helping others in a much bigger way than before. In addition I am taking the personal challenge to write 3 books before the end of 2013. Also, as I already mentioned, I am branching into blog radio so please take some time to check out my show on Blog Talk Radio, “Survivors Radio” and follow if you enjoy what you hear.

Genre: Biographical
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


When we face turbulent times, hardships and calamity there is much solace in companionship. We all want to know that someone has been where we are and have gotten through the same difficulties we face. When I wrote Journey to Malachi, I began to visualize myself as a little boy being abused and recalled all of the feelings that flooded my heart at that time. My writing literally became a journey in my mind through my life’s darkest hours and through my writings, I became my own companion.

As I wrote, I took several pauses to minister the words of hope, grace and freedom that I needed.I went deep into my inner sanctum to find the little boy who was afraid to tell his secret, who needed more than anything to be loved and accepted and wanted more than anything to be protected and valued. As the writings progressed, he grew older and how the bitterness grew inside him and birthed inner ‘demons’ of self-hatred, insecurity, un-forgiveness, hopelessness, distrust, suicide, anger, resentment and so much more. I remembered the confusion the sexual abuse caused concerning his sexual identity and the long-terms effects it had on his mental health. I recalled the embarrassment and isolation all of the deep pain that lied beneath a warm smile. He laughed and often made others laugh but inside there was a fiery hell that tormented him and yet this was only something he knew. He was so invisible in many ways and so I begin to tell his story and share the shameful secrets of his reality.In the midst of the journey, I interjected to share biblical truths that would later free him (me). Even though his journey seemed to grow darker and more hopeless, I had experienced the ending and so I was encouraged to continue to write and get to the expected end.

Journey to Malachi, is my journey from becoming a powerless victim to a victorious over-comer! As a reader I invite you to share this intimate journey with me embark to discover how I became a messenger of light, liberty and love. Whether you have been through the same things that I have or simply understand hard times, I plan to grab your hand and become YOUR companion as well journey together to find the divine purpose & ultimate overcoming victory that is wrought from our utmost pains.

Author.Speaker.Youth Specialist. Specialist in Rehabilitation from Sexual Abuse and Freedom from Sexual Bondage.

Malachi Jeremiah Stewart is an ancient vessel housed in a modern body. In 2011, he was entrusted to lead Prophetic Streams Ministries in Philadelphia, PA as a unique tributary of Kingdom life, by declaring the finished work of Christ and dispensing the ‘unforced rhythms of grace.’

Currently, Malachi is pursuing a degree in Religion and Christian Counseling at Liberty University and seeks to work in full time ministry, both at locally and globally. He serves as Youth Advisor & Trainer to Dominion’s Prophetic & Apostolic Coalition Trans-Continental (D'PACT), Youth L.E.A.D. and Youth in Ministry (YIM) organizations, training high school and college students in the areas of evangelism, spiritual devotion, biblical instruction, and Papa prayer. He leads IGNITE! a youth evangelistic outreach in the capitol region, including DC-Maryland-Virginia. As a visionary leader and prophetic flame, he has a strong desire for souls to be saved, families to be restored, and for nations to be reconciled with Christ.

Join us tomorrow for our last day with Malachi, and bring your questions for some answers!


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