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Knowing Malachi! One Week With Malachi Stewart & Giveaway - Journey To Malachi

He's a motivational speaker, child advocate, counselor, God fearing man, Redeemer, Survivor! I hope you will join us this week as we get to Know Malachi as he shares his story. Malachi Stewart brings you, Journey To Malachi. Each day we will learn a different part of his story, and you can enter to win a signed paperback at the end of his virtual book tour.

Please give a warm welcome to, Malachi Jeremiah Stewart!

Welcome Malachi!

Author.Speaker.Youth Specialist. Specialist in Rehabilitation from Sexual Abuse and Freedom from Sexual Bondage.
Malachi Jeremiah Stewart is an ancient vessel housed in a modern body. In 2011, he was entrusted to lead Prophetic Streams Ministries in Philadelphia, PA as a unique tributary of Kingdom life, by declaring the finished work of Christ and dispensing the ‘unforced rhythms of grace.’
Currently, Malachi is pursuing a degree in Religion and Christian Counseling at Liberty University and seeks to work in full time ministry, both at locally and globally. He serves as Youth Advisor & Trainer to Dominion’s Prophetic & Apostolic Coalition Trans-Continental (D'PACT), Youth L.E.A.D. and Youth in Ministry (YIM) organizations, training high school and college students in the areas of evangelism, spiritual devotion, biblical instruction, and Papa prayer. He leads IGNITE! a youth evangelistic outreach in the capitol region, including DC-Maryland-Virginia. As a visionary leader and prophetic flame, he has a strong desire for souls to be saved, families to be restored, and for nations to be reconciled with Christ.

When we face turbulent times, hardships and calamity there is much solace in companionship. We all want to know that someone has been where we are and have gotten through the same difficulties we face. When I wrote Journey to Malachi, I began to visualize myself as a little boy being abused and recalled all of the feelings that flooded my heart at that time. My writing literally became a journey in my mind through my life’s darkest hours and through my writings, I became my own companion.
As I wrote, I took several pauses to minister the words of hope, grace and freedom that I needed.I went deep into my inner sanctum to find the little boy who was afraid to tell his secret, who needed more than anything to be loved and accepted and wanted more than anything to be protected and valued. As the writings progressed, he grew older and how the bitterness grew inside him and birthed inner ‘demons’ of self-hatred, insecurity, un-forgiveness, hopelessness, distrust, suicide, anger, resentment and so much more. I remembered the confusion the sexual abuse caused concerning his sexual identity and the long-terms effects it had on his mental health. I recalled the embarrassment and isolation all of the deep pain that lied beneath a warm smile. He laughed and often made others laugh but inside there was a fiery hell that tormented him and yet this was only something he knew. He was so invisible in many ways and so I begin to tell his story and share the shameful secrets of his reality.In the midst of the journey, I interjected to share biblical truths that would later free him (me). Even though his journey seemed to grow darker and more hopeless, I had experienced the ending and so I was encouraged to continue to write and get to the expected end.
Journey to Malachi, is my journey from becoming a powerless victim to a victorious over-comer! As a reader I invite you to share this intimate journey with me embark to discover how I became a messenger of light, liberty and love. Whether you have been through the same things that I have or simply understand hard times, I plan to grab your hand and become YOUR companion as well journey together to find the divine purpose & ultimate overcoming victory that is wrought from our utmost pains.

Excerpt #1:


As a teenager, I often appeared accomplished on the outside, but was a proverbial war zone within. My public life showcased "normal" at school, but my private world was completely "abnormal," and my parents had no clue! My perception was distorted about everything from God and sex to drugs and abortion.

That was over 35 years ago, but much has not changed in the world. Countless young people today still struggle with complicated realities as sexual identity, social pressure, family crisis, religious indifference and mental escapism. Fortunately, back then, my college classmate, Dennis showed me tough love, got in my face, and helped me discern 'truth from a lie' by introducing me to Jesus Christ. It was only through that love relationship that I came out of the darkness and into real and honest light. Embracing the Lordship of Jesus Christ changed my life.

Today, I am an apostle and senior pastor of a radical and progressive ministry and training company called, Dominion International Ministries and also lead its prayer affiliate, EXOUSIA. My life is steeped in helping others break free from the issues that hold them captive. What a wonderful life!

It was during Exousia, our 12-hour prayer summit, that I was first introduced to Martez Stewart; a college kid from Philly, styling boyish glass frames and a Jewish prayer shawl. Even then, he appeared to me as a giant in many ways despite his small physical frame. I would later discover his intense struggles with sexual abuse, sexual sins and all of the related medical issues that tormented his young life. I was gripped by his need for the kind of tough love that had saved my life when I was exactly his age. In so many ways, Martez was me; and I whole-heartedly embraced him. 

Despite his internal challenges, all of us at Exousia observed the strong prophetic gift that operated with potent power through Martez. Fire filled his eyes when he talked. As he prayed, angels seemed to move at the sound of his voice. While he ministered to others, especially children and youth, their hearts were opened and real change occurred. It was amazing! We all recognized a young prophet in the making. 

Time passed. I didn't see Martez for a long while. Then one Sunday morning, I felt him deeply like a mother lion sensing her cub was in danger. I could hear his cry and prayed earnestly for him. My mothering instincts were confirmed when I received an email from Martez later that evening. He described how I had come to him in an open vision as a spiritual mother with great care and concern. Therefore, he was certain I could help him overcome the forces that held him bound.

From that day, we were both convinced that the Lord had brought us together in a fresh way and for a liberating purpose. Together, we conquered many of his demons, and he experienced great change, deliverance, and breakthroughs.  

Then, Martez told me that he had received a divine strategy for overcoming the devastation of his past: changing his name from Martez to "Malachi." Deep inside an abused, victimized Martez was a valiant, victorious Malachi battling to the surface! The name “Martez” embodied too much of the baggage from the past; but, “Malachi” held the master key to both his identity and destiny. Recognizing how critical this was to his life and ministry, I immediately agreed with this name change and we celebrated the overcoming strategy that he had received from above.
The book you hold in your hand is the outcome of that decision and the spiritual mapping behind the Journey to Malachi. Emerging from the pages is the radical unfolding of a young man who stared abuse and perversion in the face and addressed it with stealth and determination. Malachi's story is mine in many ways and it is yours. Perhaps the specifics are different, but we can all relate to the confusing conditions of being young, impressionable and unprotected from things that "go bump in the night" or the childhood "boogie-man" we all feared. Life can be harsh and ugly behind closed doors, especially with the young and innocent. This book chronicles that reality.

Journey to Malachi is a written prescription that offers real healing for the broken, bruised, captive and tormented who have suffered at the suffocating hands of sexual abuse and/or sexual sins. You will be strengthened as you read each page. As you apply its anecdotes, you will be lifted from hopelessness to possibility. If you stay the course to the last word, you will be made whole and restored in heart and soul. Journey to Malachi is a tell-all expose' that will help you avoid life's pitfalls, defy self-sabotage and crossover into safe terrain for a better life and a brighter future.   

All of us are peppered with pain and problems in this life. Like me and Malachi, you may need some tough love right about now. As Dennis got in my face, and I got in Malachi's, he is ready to get in yours. So, don't run or hide...just be still.

Malachi and I are free today because someone dared to love us enough to tell us the truth and thrust us from darkness into light. Are you ready for true liberation and freedom? I believe you are. So, take a deep breath and slowly exhale. It's your turn to take the journey!

Apostle Yolanda L. Powell

Senior Pastor & Visionary Dominion International Ministries   & EXOUSIA Prayer Training Summit

Author, Soul Food & Living Water: Spiritual Nourishment  & Practical Help for the African-American Family Owings, Maryland USA

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Welcome Malachi! I'm really looking forward to this week :)

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Thanks!!! I am excited as well :-)

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I believe your words will help many, I believe this week will be great! Good Luck...and I am looking forward to hearing and learning more!


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Sounds like a very powerful story everyone should read.


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Malachi, I hope you had a great tour! Congratulations on your book and all that you have overcome!

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Hope many others are getting something out of this tour and understand what you went through and where you are today.

Malachi J. Stewart said...

Thanks EVERYONE for the kind words and well wishes...I deeply appreciate each and ever comment! I am so encouraged and humbled by the support and excited to spread the healing universally!