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For Your Eyes Only! Day #3 of Knowing Malachi

Welcome to Day 3 with Knowing Malachi! We're so glad you're hanging out with us this week, and today, Malachi is sharing with you His Story. You can enter to win a signed copy from Malachi to be won at the end of his virtual book tour, and you can get extra entries by following the tour and tweeting each day. Plus, we're throwing in a Free 5 Stop Blog Tour!

The floor is yours Malachi!

My Story: An Exclusive Excerpt

I wanted to share with you an exclusive excerpt of my book, “Journey to Malachi”. At this point I am an adolescent who is still confused about the sexual abuse I had encountered previously. My abuser, Mark has moved on to another victim and I discover that I may not be his only victim. Read below to see what happens and how I deal with the discovery:
More kids moved onto the block and I began making
new friends. Life was moving on and I had put everything
concerning the matter behind me. Well as much as you
can move on from such an issue without dealing with it.
Then one day a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ went terribly
wrong. There was a kid who lived on the block who
started dealing with Mark shortly after I stopped. I would
see him going in and out of the apartment, but he was
older than me. Although it was uncomfortable and a bit
disturbing to watch, I figured he would be alright. After
all I had been lead to believe that the abuse didn’t just
happen to me, but rather something in which I was an
active participant. It wasn’t like I thought Mark was just
running around doing this “wrong” to people. He picked
me because we were both gay. Right? As several of us
were playing ‘Truth or Dare’ somehow this kid slipped
up and admitted that Mark had “touched” him. The children
went into uproar. Sadly, I had asked him if anything
strange ever happened over there; and strangely he
admitted that it did! My first thought was to admit what
happened to me as well, but after I saw everyone’s reaction
I was glad I didn’t. Deep down, I felt bad for leaving
him out there alone, but I just couldn’t bear to deal with
it. I was excluded from everyone? At the
time it never occurred to me that the kid was in therapy
because what Mark did was wrong. We all thought it was
because something was wrong with him. This, of course,
was because of my youthful ignorance, but it added
another garment in my closet of shame.
already smaller than everyone and effeminate in
nature with a soft voice. I had enough personality traits
that associated me with that lifestyle and trying to play
hero” for him wasn’t going to help.
As life would have it, a cousin ended up telling the kids
parents what he admitted that day. I never really knew
what became of him. Suddenly I just remember that he
was hardly seen outside again and his cousin said he was
in therapy. Shortly after, Mark and his mother moved off
the block; I didn’t really understand what had taken
place; but I didn’t want it to happen to me. Who wanted
to be in therapy and be excluded from everyone? At the
time it never occurred to me that the kid was in therapy
because what Mark did was wrong. We all thought it was
because something was wrong with him. This, of course,
was because of my youthful ignorance, but it added
another garment in my closet of shame

Genre: Biographical
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


When we face turbulent times, hardships and calamity there is much solace in companionship. We all want to know that someone has been where we are and have gotten through the same difficulties we face. When I wrote Journey to Malachi, I began to visualize myself as a little boy being abused and recalled all of the feelings that flooded my heart at that time. My writing literally became a journey in my mind through my life’s darkest hours and through my writings, I became my own companion.

As I wrote, I took several pauses to minister the words of hope, grace and freedom that I needed.I went deep into my inner sanctum to find the little boy who was afraid to tell his secret, who needed more than anything to be loved and accepted and wanted more than anything to be protected and valued. As the writings progressed, he grew older and how the bitterness grew inside him and birthed inner ‘demons’ of self-hatred, insecurity, un-forgiveness, hopelessness, distrust, suicide, anger, resentment and so much more. I remembered the confusion the sexual abuse caused concerning his sexual identity and the long-terms effects it had on his mental health. I recalled the embarrassment and isolation all of the deep pain that lied beneath a warm smile. He laughed and often made others laugh but inside there was a fiery hell that tormented him and yet this was only something he knew. He was so invisible in many ways and so I begin to tell his story and share the shameful secrets of his reality.In the midst of the journey, I interjected to share biblical truths that would later free him (me). Even though his journey seemed to grow darker and more hopeless, I had experienced the ending and so I was encouraged to continue to write and get to the expected end.

Journey to Malachi, is my journey from becoming a powerless victim to a victorious over-comer! As a reader I invite you to share this intimate journey with me embark to discover how I became a messenger of light, liberty and love. Whether you have been through the same things that I have or simply understand hard times, I plan to grab your hand and become YOUR companion as well journey together to find the divine purpose & ultimate overcoming victory that is wrought from our utmost pains.

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