Thursday, November 12, 2009

Book Of Interest....Addiction's Daughter by Sandra Starr

Leigh is a young innocent girl who lives a privileged life with her family in the outskirts of Houston. Although her life is full of happiness, there are dark secrets hidden within her family. Her mother is a beautiful woman that the little girl adores, but sometimes Leigh can see her mother changing into a different personality that causes flashbacks somewhere deep within her memory. The secrets within her family become unraveled in a horrifying scene in the middle of the night. At that moment, the little girl’s life becomes ripped apart, and she is forced into a world of cruel reality.Follow Leigh in her journey of finding truth and acceptance, and her fight to keep her innocence. You will experience the shocking reality of today’s youth that will not only entertain you, but will also educate you to the harsh realities of parental addiction and the pressures facing today’s adolescence.

You can obtain a copy of this book at Publish America. I'm excited to read it myself.