Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dares And Dreams by B.K. Walker

Lannie Spenser just lost her father unexpectedly. When the mother she has never met arrives the day of the funeral, Lannie is introduced to a world she never knew existed. Overwhelmed with the fact that she was born a witch that will come into her full powers on her twenty first birthday, Lannie also learns that her Mom, Selene, is a Vamp-Witch. Now that she knows what she is to become, Selene encourages her to accept immortality and become half vampire to save herself from a Vampire King. The King hunts her, hoping to be the one to make her immortal, as only Lannie can give him the power that will help control, and rule all of the creatures of the night.

As Lannie tries to embrace it all, she finds Ash. When both of them dream of the same little blonde boy, Ash is led to Northeast Harbor, Maine to help protect her from the Vampire King. Ash vows to protect Lannie, never expecting to fall in love with her. When an unexpected visitor shows up to the bar that Lannie works at, Ash fears she will find out that he has a secret of his own.

ISBN: 978-1-61582-870-8

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This is my own book. It was released in September of 2009. What kind of fan site would I be running if I didn't feature my own books once in a while? Lol. You can check out the book trailers at BK Walker Books and please sign the guest book while you're there.

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