Saturday, November 28, 2009

****Read & Review of Visions of Freedom by Joseph Frank Baraba

Adrian Gomez has lived under the grip of communism. He lives, breathes and yearns for his freedom from the grip of Fidel Castro's rein of terror and tyranny. When that day arrives, his life becomes a living hell in a concentration camp. Will he survive his horrifying oppression, and get his wish for freedom?

ISBN # - 978-1-4489-2514-8

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Review of Vision of Freedom by BK Walker Books : Joseph Frank Baraba does an explicit detail leading you into the center of Cuban Communism with his book, Vision of Freedom. The title of this book couldn't be any more perfect.

The reign of terror begins when Fidel Castro overthrows Batista, taking over the Cuban Government. As Castro rises in power, he forces the people to a life of Communist Dictatorship.

Adrian Gomez is one of many who believe communism is no way to live. When Gomez puts in the request for him and his wife to be granted a pass to leave Cuba, he is imprisoned for betraying his country. Forced to to a life of hard labor, poor living conditions, and on the brink of starvation, Adrian tells of the pain and torture he endured while being sent from one concentration camp to another.

It's like being taken back in time as Baraba has you see through the eyes of Adrian in his fight for freedom. From torture and despair, shaken faith, and nightmares to friendship and finally being set free from slavery, Vision of Freedom will definitely touch your heart.

I truly enjoyed this read and I believe you will too. I give it (4)**** Stars. ~B.K. Walker, Author/Reviewer of BK Walker Books.

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