Sunday, November 29, 2009

****Read & Review of a great Children's Book : Pugs Go On Vacation by Lela LaBree Stute

Three pugs go on a summer vacation. The characters are Ingah DuPonte, Beatrice and Cissy.

The story begins at “the annual pug vacation planning meeting”. The pugs decide on their destination and agree to what their activities will be. Immediately after the meeting they pack up and leave in a carriage type RV or SUV for dogs.

The pugs stop for lunch on the way to their camp- ground (pugs are always hungry) and when they arrive they find they have not planned well at all (this often happens to pugs). Not to worry! There are other activities for them.

The pugs decide to go on a boat ride. After inspecting the lake for cleanliness, they get on the boat. The boat ride does not go as planned. Finally they decide to go home.

They pile back in the carriage for the long drive home. The pugs find they are more excited to arrive home than they were to arrive at their vacation spot.

Ingah DuPonte, the youngest pug, gives words of wisdom at the end of the story. All ends well.

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Review of Pugs Go On Vacation by BK Walker Books : Pugs Go On Vacation by Lela LaBree Stute is as cute as they come in children's books.

Three Pug friends make plans to take a summer vacation. Follow them each step of the way with true to life pictures, and an easy read for young readers. How do Pugs travel? By "Deluxe Pug Mobile" of course - a Pug's form of a SUV.

Lela LaBree Stute did a fantastic job turning this simple little tale into an astute Pug adventure.

Pugs Go On Vacation would be a great starter book for beginning readers or a "read together". A must have for any library.

I enjoyed this book along with my ten year old son who said, "It's a good book, I love the pictures. I would recommend it." We give it (4)**** Stars. ~BK Walker, Author/Reviewer of BK Walker Books.

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