Friday, November 13, 2009

Sneak Peek Into "History Always Repeats" by B.K. Walker

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History Always Repeats

Chapter 1

I laid in bed, my head aching and my mind filled with thoughts of distant memories. I sat up on one elbow to look out the window. We had made a beautiful home for our children. Dan had made my dreams come true when we got married. He showed me the deed to the house right before we got married, but refused to let me see it until he could carry me across the threshold.

“Dan I can walk.”

“No Janie. We are doing this my way.” He smiled as he picked me up in his arms and carried me across the threshold of our new farm house. As I looked into his eyes he was so proud to give me my dreams. He looked down at me, “I love you Janie.” He kissed me, and we were now standing in a place we could call home.

“This is ours?” I couldn’t believe it as I looked around.

“It’s all ours Janie.” He kissed me again as he set my feet on the floor.

I always dreamt of living on a farm with horses, cats, and dogs. When Dan bought me this farm I never dreamed what we would do with it. It was a big farm house with 22 acres of land. The wrap around porch was amazing and perfect, as I always pictured in my mind. Once you walked into the door you were in a large country kitchen with so many cupboards it was like a display at some warehouse. Off the kitchen was the dining room, that was large enough for two tables, though we only had one. Off the dining room was the living room. Long and wide, with a fireplace and more room than I’ve ever had. Upstairs there were eight bedrooms leading up to the third floor, with a fireplace in the master. There was more room than we would ever need.
We did get horses, an animal I always dreamed of owning. We own twenty seven horses, some rescued, some bought, some just retired racers. We have ten cows, three of them dairy, one bull, seven cats and three dogs.

We also opened our home to an endless array of troubled children of all ages. We had little Becca when we were younger, and Lonnie came along two years after we were married. Both of our children have been a blessing to us. Little Becca, named after my childhood best friend Becca, has grown into a beautiful girl. With her long wavy blonde hair that curls tight at the ends, and those baby blue eyes that hold the blue of a drift wood fire. How she ended up with blonde hair instead of my dark hair I will never know. Lonnie is such a smart boy and growing more handsome everyday. He has dirty blonde hair with blue green eyes. He keeps his hair short and his lips are full. He looks so much like his father.

I watched my husband Dan hauling hay to the pasture from the window. He is still as beautiful as the first day I met him. His dirty blonde hair that has bleached streaks from the sun, his tanned muscular body still sends chills of excitement down my spine. He is absolutely stunning, and watching him riding shirtless on the tractor, made me gasp. I sighed as I continued to watch him.

“Mom….. Mom……….MOM!”

Rebecca, as my daughter likes to be called these days, because Becca is too childish, brought me from my reverie. “What is it Rebecca?”

“Another headache?” She asked in almost a whisper.

“Yes honey. I don’t know what is wrong with me, it’s the fourth headache this week.” I laid my head back on my pillow.

“Maybe it’s time to go to the doctor Mom.”

“Maybe, but there is too much work to be done. It will pass. I will be fine after I rest a little bit.” I closed my eyes.

“Ok Mom. I will be back to check on you in an hour. I better go help Dad.” She kissed the top of my forehead.

We had a new boy coming today. Tyler Smith was Rebecca’s age, 16, and coming from a not so great situation. He was living with his alcoholic father, who beat him. When the mother died, the father just gave up. He blamed the boy for the mother’s death, and wallowed in booze. When he was drunk, he would beat him. This last time he almost killed him. So he is being brought here where he can be away from his father until he is of legal age.

*Copyrighted Material* Rights belong to B.K. Walker

Just a sneak peek as the whole chapter was too much to post. Watch for more information and details for "History Always Repeats".