Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Author Spotlight - Melody Dempsey

 I was born in Chelsea Massachusetts. I have been married for 31 years and I have two grown daughters, and five "furry babies. Two cats and three dogs. 
I have always enjoyed writing ever since I was in Elementary school. I remember the feeling of excitement I would get whenever my English teacher wanted us to write a story. I remember once when I was in the third grade, my teacher wanted all of us in the class to write a short story of any topic of our choosing. I wrote a comedy about a dog and a cat. I can't remember all of the story now, but I do remember reading it and the class loved it! I remember the story was about the comedic antics of one dog and a mean cat. The story ended with the dog being chased up a tree. That image is still funny. I remember winning the first place blue ribbon for that story. 

I actually started to write seriously when I was around 14 years old. During the summer months I found that I had more time on my hands. I loved to read more in my early teen years. After reflecting back on the materials I read, I would sit, with pen in hand, paper in front of me,(there were no home computers back then), and I would start to create my own stories. I have always been very fond of fiction, adventure, human interest stories, mystery, and thriller novels. I also enjoy comedies, and of course, stories about animals. 

The Forest Portal tells the story of three teens as they embark on an amazing journey through time. Thrilled about the last day of school, Cameron Maine, his younger sister Collette, along with their friend Taden, decide to go to the beach for an afternoon of fun and relaxation, but Cameron has other plans he has not revealed to the other two. He tells them he wants help collecting seaweed, shells, and other seashore items. Taden questions his friend’s request, but reluctantly decides to lend a hand.
Cameron has plans to develop a sealant that turns old wood new again. Taden, feeling doubtful about the plausibility of Cameron new project soon discovers, along with Cameron and Collette that the sealant actually turns out to be a paint that has the ability to turn wood bight, rainbow colors. Excited, the three decide to paint some trees in a heavily wooded area behind Cameron and Collette’s house. The three soon discover, to there amazement that the two freshly painted trees has the ability to transport them into another time, another place. The trio find themselves probing even more into a dimension so bizarre, deeper into the realm of an unknown world that they discovered, sending them on a journey that makes a summer they will never forget! 


Cam was somewhat relieved when he saw that the paint on the trees dried clear. “Well looks like this stuff might work after all!” he said, smiling.

Taden touched one of the trees. “It’s dry.” He inadvertently stepped to the inside of one of the trees.
Suddenly a whirlwind of colors started to materialize around the space between the two trees. Taden jumped and the colors disappeared as quickly as they had appeared just seconds before. He looked around.
He found himself in a large field.

“What the hell?” he said out loud as he stood there stunned. Taden took a couple of steps backwards. He saw the colors again, then suddenly found himself back in the woods. He turned around and saw Cam and
Collette gaping at him, both as white as sheets.

“W…Where did you go?” Cam managed to stammer out.

Taden looked at him, bewildered. “I….I have no idea! I….It was strange! I was in the middle of this huge
field! The woods were gone. I didn’t see you two, then the next thing I know, you two appear again!” he exclaimed as he sat down on the ground.

Cam gave him a funny look. “You were in a field?” he questioned, in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Taden replied, still not believing his short experience, feeling as if he just walked out of a dream.

Collette was gawking at the trees. “We saw colors appear between those trees when you disappeared. It
was weird!”

Taden looked at her.

Melody is currently working on a sequel to The Forest Portal.  To learn more about Melody and her works,  please visit