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**** Review of The Path Of Innocence by Megan Johns

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Review by Leigh:

The Path of Innocence by Megan Johns was an excellent book. It held my interest the entire length of the story.

Fiona is off to start her academic career. She busies herself with collegiate activities but yearns for a man in her life. Roger recently lost the one who he cherished most in his life, his mother.

With years of feeling isolated from his father he finally finds happiness after his chance meeting with Fiona. They both feel they have found what they needed most in their lives until a shocking realization about their families emerge.

Does their relationship survive after this setback? You'll have to read the book to find out. I know the readers will not be disappointed.

I give The Path of Innocence ****4 Stars. The storyline kept me interested and I didn't want to put the book down.

Review by Paula:

The Path of Innocence- Megan Johns-2009

The Path of Innocence lies a crooked road. This novel is set around two
people Fiona ,whom at the start of the novel though placid in ways is
eager to be in a relationship though when things turn sour with her friend Jeremy it looks like things might not be heading her way. Inside Fiona their is a beast waiting to be unleashed , she may be young and naive but she is certainly heading on her way to find her self and what she wants.

Along the path she finds Roger , he may just be what she is looking for
and Roger whom seems to need an outlook from his emotional past may very well find it within Fiona. Can these two work together and overcome all the obstacles chucked in their way from Debbie "Fiona's Mother" to the overbearing father of Roger "Edward Rolfe".

Or will the nastiness of Edward, Roger's Dad get in the way of these two and cause Roger to commit something that he otherwise wouldn't dare to do and leave a frightful consequence for Fiona.

A novel about what happens when Two people meet and the world will go to lenghts to stop it , a novel about the path that these two must take to overcome all and realise that their relationship is one to stand by. Can Love continue to exist even after Fate has dealt many a cruel hand ?.

This novel shows readers that when Love is strong between
two people that nothing , not even the cruel hands that fate delivers us
can stand in the way and destroy what is there.

4) **** Stars = Excellent Read, addictive, well worth the purchase, kept
my attention, stirred emotions

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