Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Virtual Book Tour Cafe'

Are you a new author?  Maybe you're a seasoned author?  Do you have a desire to get your book out there,  become a known author,  increase your book sales?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions,  you have come to the right place!  The Virtual Book Tour Cafe' is now accepting authors to put their books on tour!

What is a Virtual Book Tour you ask?

Well let me tell you,  a virtual book tour is where you take your book,  and visit different destinations across the World Wide Web.  Much like doing a book signing,  reading,  or interview at local venues in the real world,  only you will be visiting blogs,  websites, and online radio,  virtually.

Each destination will contribute to an author interview,  a guest blogging,  a SpotLight Feature,  a book review,  or an author interview live on Blog Talk Radio.  This is the newest concept of book marketing and is sweeping the nation.

Authors are literally seeing an increase in book sales,  as well as getting their name to be popular in an average household.

Authors Supporting Authors and The Virtual Book Tour Cafe' have teamed up,  and starting April 1, 2010,  put almost 30 authors on tour,  with over 20 pit stops!  There will be prize give-aways along each tour,  as well as a chance for commenter's to win a signed copy of the authors book!

Meet our Authors On Tour

Meet our Tour Hosts

By signing up with The Virtual Book Tour Cafe',  here is what you will get:

  • A 2-3 month tour schedule,  with dates and links to post to your website
  • A banner to help promote your tour
  • Tools and support to help your book promotion
  • Your banner with a link to your website on The VBT Cafe'
Tour packages start at $25,  the cost to help cover the promotion of your tour with 10% of all proceeds to benefit the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Foundation.

What some of our Authors and Hosts are saying:

-The VBT's have been an absolutely wonderful experience.  I have been able to interview and be interviewed by some amazing and creative people.  I am so thrilled to be a part of this! ~L.E. Harvey, author of Unbreakable Hostage

-This is Ami Blackwelder, from and I am an author and a VBT host on my blog I have loved this experience so far, meeting a plethora of new authors excited about sharing their personal stories and their novels with me. There is something special about hearing the first words of an excited author's novel...finding out where it will take you...what characters you will fall in love with...

I am so grateful for the opportunity to not only host authors, but for other authors and bloggers to care enough to host me in return. It is a network of friendship and support and Brandi does an excellent job of organizing it! ~Ami Blackwelder, author of The Hunted of 2060

-The interaction with other authors and readers has been so great. The hits on my blog are on a steady rise, my TBR pile is too, and I am learning so much from my fellow authors while enjoying all of the comments along the way.  Thank you so much BK for all the work you have done! ~Kiki Howell

-The Virtual Book Tour has opened up a great learning experience for me, not to mention how much fun I have been having! I love writing up blogs for the tour and being interviewed by the hosts! I loved being interviewed on Blogtalk radio with Brandi Walker. That was fun!
I have received three great reviews for my book, The Forest Portal since I joined Authors Supporting Authors and The Virtual Book Tour!  ~Melody Dempsey 

-As the Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma, I have been blessed to have been a part of the Virtual Book Tour as I endeavor to fulfill her Royal Command and tell the story of her new Royal Magician of Oz. Princess Ozma also feels that the Virtual Book Tour is a most unique experience, although she does not quite understand the Internet, or even computers.

~James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma

So grab a cup of java,  surf on over to The Virtual Book Tour Cafe',  and have a look around.  When you're ready to begin your tour,  fill out the contact form or send me an email to