Saturday, May 22, 2010

***** Review of Color Me Jazzmyne by Marian L. Thomas

Color Me Jazzmyne by Marian L. Thomas is an excellent read.  From beginning to end it will definitely stir emotions,  as you feel Naya Mona's story,  and feel her pain.

Naya Mona' lived a life that no child should ever have to endure.  As a child she had a father that loved her,  went to every play,  loved to hear her sing.

That was,  until she became a young woman.  Then her life took a drastic turn,  as her father forgot to be a father,  and she ends up pregnant.  Forced to succumb to her father's touch and harsh rules, and having her baby torn from her when her father was mad it wasn't a girl,  Naya dreams of the day that she could leave the darkness and be free.

Searching the colors of her crayon box,  Naya finally finds her escape.  Young,  and no clue where to go,  who to turn to,  she finds her way to New York. 

Through a series of events that quickly have her searching her crayon box again,  she finds her voice,  becomes Jazzmyne the jazz singer,  and she is faced with the son she never had the chance to know. 

Her son arrives,  demanding answers,  wanting to know his roots. The problem is,  she is not sure she wants to open her crayon box,  to bare all those nasty colors to someone she doesn't even know.

Follow Naya as she tells the story of her life.  She is speaking to her son,  but you will be drawn in and will feel her pain as she hesitantly relives her past, as she adds new colors as well as pulls the old ones.

Thomas did an excellent job describing this tale,  pulling you in from beginning to end.  This is one story you won't be able to put down until you have finished it in its entirety. 

I give Color Me Jazzmyne ***** (5) Stars, BK Walker

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