Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Virtual Book Tour Pit Stop with Author Omegia Keeys

Today my guest is Omegia Keeys, Erotica author of Passionate Playmates and Seduction.com. Thank you so much for visiting with us today Omegia. Omegia is on virtual book tour with Authors Supporting Authors. You can see all authors on tour at the Virtual Book Tour Cafe, and Omegia's dates are also on her website. By leaving a comment today, you will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of one of Omegia's books, which will be drawn at the end of her tour. I am also having a book give away, and simply for leaving a comment today, you will be entered into a drawing to win the book "Cathryn", by Shannon Waverly! Winner will be announced Friday, so you have from now until Friday to enter.

Today Omegia will be talking about why she is writing for erotica.

Erotica is Coming out the Closet!

As an Erotic Fiction Author I can see a change in attitude over the years regarding my style of writing. When I first started in 2002 there seemed to be a stigma attached to Erotica, so much so that people used to hide their books if reading them. Fast forward a few years Oprah is talking about it and book publishers are even claiming to get a boost in sales because of it. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36835812/

Erotica seems to be drawing in more and more readers on a daily basis. It's not just looping together steamy scenes to catch the reader, you must be able to tell a good story along with it. My series Passionate Playmates, Seduction.com, Can You Keep a Secret, and coming soon Fantasy Girlz does more than put sex in your face. I try to focus on giving the reader a behind the scenes view of how my characters dealing with the adult industry live. I wanted to do something different than the other Erotica already out there. I wanted something that could relate to anyone reading it.

Are porn and erotica the same? In my opinion and the way I write I would say a firm no. I have watched porn and nothing about the stories ever draw me into the characters making me want to know more about them. Those characters appear to serve one purpose alone XXX. Now there is nothing wrong with that if that's what you need at that time, but for a little more then Erotic Fiction should be the way to go. Not only for women, but more men are drawn to it as well. As a matter of fact, it was a male who gave me my first taste of Erotica by handing me a book by Zane.

Am I worried about what others say? In the beginning I was but those days are long behind me. Just like any book, if that's not for you then do not pick it up and read it. They way my covers are designed is a big clue of what you are getting into. If they cause you to become a bit nervous, then opening it up will definitely cause you to blush.

Where do I plan to go from here? Erotic is my niche. I can do other things, as I am working on a young adult novel as well, but this is what is driving me right now. I plan on continuing to be on board the train to push Erotic all the way out the closet. So "follow me baby and get as comfortable as you like…"

For more information about Omegia Keeys check her out on her website www.omegiakeeys.com and follow along with her on the Domestic Seduction Book Tour at www.domesticseduction.webs.com.

Omegia Keeys


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