Thursday, April 29, 2010

***** 1/2 Review of L.A. Bytes by P.A. Brown

L.A. Bytes is another fabulous read by P.A. Brown! Well researched and phenomenally written! You won't be able to put it down!

When Chris gets called in to find who's been hacking into a Ste. Anne's Medical Center, he ends up finding more than a bunch of codes on a computer. As he digs further, threats start coming in via email to hurt his husband, David.

In the meantime, David is at the Doctors office for an allergy shot. Chris, who happens to be in the same hospital, arrives to assist David and give moral support, as David hates needles. After suffering an allergic reaction to the allergy shot, Chris is determined more than ever to find out what happened, especially since he will have access to the hospitals mainframe due to his new contract to find the hacker.

David is forced to take time off of a murder case he is currently working on much to his dismay. A few days in the hospital, he is still encouraged to rest upon arriving home.

David is not one to leave work behind though. Against his partners, and Chris's pleas to stay in bed, David forges on to solve his latest murder case.

As Chris and David fight to solve their cases, they don't realize when they end up helping each other to solve these crimes.

Brown did a stupendous job with this fourth installment to the L.A. series. Exactly what you would expect from Brown, giving suspense and thrills from beginning to end.

I give L.A. Bytes ******1/2 (5.5) Stars, BK Walker, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams".

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