Monday, April 26, 2010

**** Review of Where The Hawk Tree Stands by Ronald R. Roberts

TheWhere The Hawk Tree Stands by Ronald R. Roberts was a great read and very educational. If you didn't understand the hard times and struggles of the depression, you will certainly be enlightened in this title.

The plot starts in the present day, with Charles as an old man in his last years. When he takes a ride with his cousin to the place where he grew up, he is taken back in time, where we learn of his past through memories he recalls.

As a young boy during the time of the "Great Depression" and the "Dust Bowl", Charles takes time from farming duties to go to the cotton grove. He finds a great oak tree, making a connection with it that only he and the tree understand.

It is during his time spent with this tree that Charles truly connects with nature. While under the oak tree he watches a family of hawks build their nest and lay their eggs. He visits often, able to see the babies after hatching and to watch the parents feed them.

After a big dust storm passes through, Charles goes to check on the hawk and the oak tree. He finds the parent hawks missing, and the nest is on the ground. One of the baby hawks is laying dead, and Charles is worried about the other. He hears a coyote in the grove, seeing the hawk in a bush where the coyote is trying to get it. Chasing the coyote off, Charles befriends the baby hawk taking him home to care for him. After getting his parents permission to keep the hawk, Charles names him Talon.

After teaching the hawk how to fly and hunt, the bond between this boy and hawk is extraordinary. They watch out and care for one another, for years to come.

Talon and Charles visit the Hawk Tree often, and have many experiences during their time spent in the grove. That is until the day comes that Charles must let Talon live up to his full potential.

This was a great story of hard times, struggles, true friendship and love. The bond and experiences of Charles and Talon are like none you have ever seen before.

Roberts did a great job reliving the Great Depression, giving the reader a good look into those devastating times. With quite a few gripping scenes, you will be anxious to find out what happens next.

I loved the ending of this tale. It was the perfect choice, though there are alternate endings that you can see how it could have been. I give Where The Hawk Tree Stands **** (4) Stars, BK Walker, Author of Near Suicide and Dares And Dreams.

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