Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Virtual Book Tour- Author Aurora Lightbourne

Our Guest today from the Virtual Book Tours with Authors Supporting Authors is Aurora Lightbourne,

Aurora is a fantastic Sci-Fi writer, and author of the "Space Trippers" Series.

Book 1: Trippin'
Book 2: Just Passing Through
Book 3: A Frosty Farewell


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Thanks for stopping in and chatting with us Aurora.

1. Can you tell us what is needed for a story to be good?

To me, you need characters people can relate to. When I get into a story I have to feel involved with the people. If you can't care about, or relate to a character or their circumstances then you can't get into their story and really enjoy it. I enjoy imperfect people, ones that need to work on things, like people skills. In my Space Trippers series, I hope people can relate to the characters, feel for them, especially Valesque and her challenging circumstances. My people aren't perfect, each has something to work on whether it is trust, shyness, acceptance or responsibility.

2. Till now, how many books have you written?

I have finished 3 books in the Space Trippers series, Book 1 Trippin', where the story begins with the introduction to the characters and circumstances to them getting sent out to uncharted space. Book 2 Just Passing Through, where three new characters are introduced & Book 3 A Frosty Farewell, where.....well you just have to read that one to see. I am currently working on 2 books, Space Trippers 4 and a new one called 'Brass Hearts, a steampunk fairytale'.

3. How much time do you take to finish a book?

Depends on what else I am doing and how vividly I can see the book as a whole. Some are harder to write and take longer, some just flow. With completing it, then touch ups and edits and layout etc, anywhere from 6 months to several years I would say.

4. Where do you get ideas for your writing?

A lot of times something will just come to me, a piece of conversation, a scene or setting and then as I muse over it a whole story can develop and I just get so excited I have to write it down. Could be I overhear someone's comment and them my imagination just expands on it, or a classic story will play in my mind and I will think....that would be good with this twist or this different character. The latter is how I came up with my newest project 'Brass Hearts' it is kind of a Cinderella meets Pride and Prejudice in a steampunk, victorianesque setting.

5. Tell us about your first book?

Goodness. I would say technically my first book was when I was about 7. It was a short story, but it had illustrations! I wrote it while at work with my Dad. He worked at night in a computer lab. I mean the big ones that took up a whole room, had to wear earplugs when around and needed a well chilled environment. I remember they used vacuum tubes and punch cards. Now that is going back a while! My Dad's co-workers gave it two thumbs up.

6. What is the hardest part of writing?

To keep up momentum, not loose focus and keep the whole story clearly in mind while writing each scene and conversation. It is easy to get side tracked and distracted. Especially on a PC connected to the internet. ;o}I agree with you there. Momentum is definitely the key. I have seen so many other writers lose it and never finish a story.

It has been wonderful talking with you Aurora and I really appreciate you stopping in.

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A.Lightbourne said...

Hello Everybody! I will be checking back here for comments, questions and those wanting to play the crossword. I sent it to send to my email as well. Lets have fun! A. Lightbourne

Cissy said...

I like what you said about your characters. They should be imperfect and the reader should be able to relate to them. It is so true.

A.Lightbourne said...

Hello Cissy. Yes, growing up I liked a certain mystery series, but not the one most everyone else was reading. I thought the more 'popular' one had a main character that was too perfect, everything came easy for her. The other series had a main character that messed up a lot, I could relate to that. ;o}
In my books the main character is smart and talented, but far from perfect. Everyone has their foibles.

Unknown said...

I like Valesque's "spicy" attitude! :)
Kristie Mae Hoshauer Reynolds (Facebook follower)

P.S. Am I doing this right?! HAHAHA :D

A.Lightbourne said...

Kristie. Yes, she is spunky. We can relate, right? haha
If you want in the game just say 'Hey, A. Let's play!' in your comment too. But you are in the drawing for an autographed book just by the regular comment. I will message you. A. Lightbourne

Unknown said...

Hey, A. Let's play!
Sorry I forgot. ;)

A.Lightbourne said...

No problem, Kristie. Clue 3 coming your way! A. Lightbourne