Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Virtual Book Tour Hosts

I have authors signing up each week to go on tour - virtually. This would be an event similar to an author going to their local bookstore to do a book signing, or to a library to do a reading in the real world. The difference is that each stop on the tour would be virtually on websites, blogs, and online radio shows.

What hosting a VBT would entail is for the blog or website owner to allow authors to make their blog/website one of their pit stops. This could be either in the form of an author interview, where you can submit a series of questions for the author to answer, or in the form of a blog blurb, where the author submits an article about themselves and their books, for you to post on a date agreed upon in a VBT schedule.

The benefits of hosting include increased traffic to your blog/website, a targeted audience, free promotion of your own products or books, entry into a blog of the week and your blog name and link listed at BK Walker Books.

VBT's are also promoted via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Authors Supporting Authors, along with advertisements through the media (newspapers/magazines), with mention of your blog or at least a point of direction to your blog, depending on media requirements.

If you would be interested in becoming a host for VBT's, please email me directly to Please be sure to include your name, blog name and link, any requirements you may have (such as genre specific), if you are open to any dates or if you are available for only specific dates.

All blog owners are encouraged to inquire, there are no "blog type" requirements, nor does your blog need to be geared towards the authors, writers, and book industry.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.