Tuesday, April 27, 2010

***** Review of Magician Of Oz by James C. Wallace II

The Magician Of Oz was a fantastic book with magic from start to end. It's a definite page turner that you are going to love.

Jamie Diggs moved from Kansas to Indiana. One night Jamie and his father were looking in a trunk that belonged to his great grandfather. What they found were coins, and old pocket watch, and O.Z. Diggs on the trunk itself, which was his grandfathers initials.

One night as a surprise, Jamie's father took him to a magic club. After he was introduced, he showed the coins and pocket watch from his grandfathers trunk.

As he was learning magic, he did a trick with a zombie ball at a magic club picnic, and he even made his coin disappear. He was becoming good with his magic tricks, and one day while walking in the woods, he was led into the land of Oz.

He stayed in Ozma's Castle with Ozma, Dorothy, and Glinda. While he was missing his mothers potato soup, Dorothy took him to the Tin Woodman's castle so her Aunt Em could make him some.

While enjoying his soup, a counsel of trees were angry with the Tin Woodman, and were coming to the castle to destroy the Tin Woodman. Dorothy and Jamie conjured up a spell which made them disappear. The Tin Woodman seemed to have a lot of enemies as they also had to cast a spell to turn the morals to stone.

After a few days of being in Oz, doing tricks for the farm people, he finally got to go home, but soon would visit again. Before his departure, he did receive a new coin from Ozma, which bore the three girls from Oz embedded on it, just like the old coin Jamie had lost.

Though Jamie thought he was gone from his family for days, upon returning he realizes they only think he was gone for a few hours.

Wallace did a great job with this exciting tale. With magic and spells, there was never a dull moment. Though it had the some of the same characters as The Wizard of Oz, Wallace created an exciting twist on the plot.

I give it ***** (5) Stars, Danny Dietz, Reviewer of Childrens Books for BK Walker Books.

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